Here is what I'm working on and what will be available soon:

  1. Updated Fundraising Totals - quarterly campaign finance reports for Q1 were due on Friday and a few late filers are still trickling in (looking at you Sen. Lightford and Rep. Ford). Once they'are all in I'll put together a full analysis similar to what I did after 2015 Q4.

  2. Precinct Level Vote Totals - also on Friday the State Board made available the certified election results for the 2016 primary including the statewide precinct by precinct results. As I did with the 2014 general election results I'll download each election authority's results, combine them, fix the formatting and build some search capabilities that you'll soon find in the Analysis section.

  3. Senate/House Profiles - once I have the fundraising and vote total information that I want to include I'm going to do a profile of the most likely targeted races for each of the House and Senate this fall based on the 2014 election results. Some of that may be eye-opening, particularly in the Senate.

  4. Updated Maps - I'll update the Maps for the statewide primaries including President, US Senate and Comptroller.

I'll post an update when each is available.

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