Over the weekend Governor Rauner's campaign committee filed an amended quarterly report for the quarter ending 6/30/2015. The most notable change in this amended report is a reduction in the transfers out from $400,000 to $322,000, a reduction of $78,000.

You may remember that in May of the first year of his administration Governor Rauner made a contribution to every Republican member of the General Assembly, both Senate and House, totaling $400,000. Here's how it was described by the AP:

Gov. Bruce Rauner has started doling out money from his campaign fund to fellow Republicans as the Illinois Legislature approaches what could be difficult votes on several big issues. Rauner divided $400,000 among every Republican member of the Illinois House and Senate, spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said Saturday. The contributions, made Monday, come with just weeks to go before the May 31 end to the spring legislative session, and with Rauner looking to his GOP allies to support his pro-business agenda in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

The timing and political ramifications made some of these Republican beneficiaries uncomfortable, some did not cash these checks while others held them and did not cash them right away.

"I don't want to make it look like someone is influencing me from the administration. So, it's setting in a drawer and we're going to hold it," said state Rep. David Reis, a Willow Hill Republican, speaking of the checks worth $3,000 to $10,000 that Rauner sent to each Republican member of the House and Senate. "I thought the timing was unusual. So while we are debating issues, I thought it inappropriate to accept it," added state Rep. Keith Sommer, R-Morton. Rep. Dan Brady, R-Bloomington, also said the contributions felt odd. "While we appreciate the donation, I haven't made a final decision of where, if and when, that I'll do with the check," said Brady, adding he may even give away the money Rauner gave to him.

It appears the Governor's campaign filed this amendment over the weekend to remove the contributions that were never cashed. Here are the contributions that were listed previously that are no longer listed in the latest amendment, these were likely never cashed or otherwise considered contributed under the law:

Citizens for C.D. Davidsmeyer5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Hammond5/5/2015$8,000
Committee to Elect Michael W. Tyron5/5/2015$8,000
Friends for Avery Bourne5/5/2015$8,000
Friends for Randy Frese5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Karen McConnaughay5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Kyle McCarter5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Michael P. McAuliffe5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Reggie Phillips5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Unes5/5/2015$4,000
Committee to Elect Sheri Jesiel5/5/2015$4,000
Committee to Elect Terri Bryant5/5/2015$4,000
David McSweney for State Representative5/5/2015$4,000
Friends for John Cavaletto5/5/2015$3,000
Friends for Poe5/5/2015$3,000

And here is the list of contributions that remain, these likely were cashed.

Citizens for Christine Radogno5/5/2015$10,000
Citizens for Durkin5/5/2015$10,000
Brady for Senate5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Bill Mitchell5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Chad Hays5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Chris Nybo5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Dale A. Righter5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Joe Sosnowski5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Kay5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Leitch5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Matt Murphy5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens For Moffitt5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Pamela J Althoff5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Pritchard5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Steve Andersson5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens for Sullivan5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens to Elect Patricia R. Bellock5/5/2015$8,000
Citizens to Elect Ron Sandack5/5/2015$8,000
Committee to Elect Dan Duffy5/5/2015$8,000
Committee to Elect Keith Wheeler5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Adam Brown5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Chapin Rose5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Dan Brady5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Jason Barickman5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Mark Batinick5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Mike Fortner5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Tim Butler5/5/2015$8,000
Friends of Tom Bennett5/5/2015$8,000
Team Demmer5/5/2015$8,000
Anderson for Illinois5/5/2015$4,000
Barbara Wheeler 645/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Bivins5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Brian W. Stewart5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Connelly5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for John M. Cabello5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Luechtefeld5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Tom Morrison5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens to Elect Grant Wehrli5/5/2015$4,000
Committee to Elect David Harris5/5/2015$4,000
Friends of Jeanne Ives5/5/2015$4,000
Friends of Jim Oberweis5/5/2015$4,000
Friends of John D. Anthony5/5/2015$4,000
Friends of Peter Breen5/5/2015$4,000
Friends of Sue Rezin5/5/2015$4,000
Keith Sommer Campaign Committee5/5/2015$4,000
Sam McCann for Senate5/5/2015$4,000
Syverson for Senate5/5/2015$4,000
Vote for Margo McDermed for Illnois House5/5/2015$4,000
Winger for Representative5/5/2015$4,000
Citizens for Charlie Meier5/5/2015$3,000
Citizens for David Reis5/5/2015$3,000


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