This cycle I am partnering with the Aldertrack team to help produce the Illinois Racing Form. You may remember during the 2015 Chicago Municipal elections Aldertrack produced a racing form that covered all 50 Chicago wards with ward maps, candidate listing and pictures, info about the candidates and candidate status. I was not involved in that project but I did purchase a copy, found it to be a terrific resource and recommended it to others so I am excited to be involved in this project this cycle.

The 2016 Illinois Racing Form

The 2016 Illinois Racing Form will be available starting Tuesday the 24th (the first day after candidate filing) and will cover all 177 state legislative districts (State House and State Senate). Every week we will update all the information and every Tuesday we will email the latest version of the Racing Form to subscribers. The Racing Form will include:

  • District profiles for every district including district map, current candidate listing, candidate headshots and past electoral performance.
  • Current financial status for each candidate's campaign committee as well as other relevant committees, such as the Governor, legislative leaders and IE's.
  • Detailed tracking of candidate objections including objection info, hearing dates and parties involved to stay on top of current candidate status.
  • Latest candidate filings.
  • Candidates' social media presences, including websites, Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Index of all the candidates.

Why You Should Buy The 2016 Illinois Racing Form

  1. It's a Tremendous Resource - the district profiles and the candidates listings alone make this product worth the cost. Print out the district profiles and candidate index and put them into a 3-ring binder on your desk. The next time you see someone mention a candidate or a district and your mind drifts off to "wait, which one was that again ..." you'll have a detailed answer available at your fingertips.
  2. The Focus on General Assembly Races Will Be Greater Than Ever Before - it has been almost 5 months since the State's fiscal year began without a budget and almost 6 months since the traditional deadline for passing a state budget elapsed. One of the underlying subtexts of the current budget impasse is the likely escalation in General Assembly races this cycle, the Governor has committed significant funds to improving the Republican party's chances and has made it a goal to increase his party's representation. This means that these races will likely have far greater focus than ever before and our Racing Form can help you track them.
  3. Stay On Top of the Campaign Funds Available - with so many races and so many different campaign committees potentially spending money on these races our funds available tracker can guide you as you try to predict who will spend money and where.
  4. Weekly Updates - do you need to keep track of these elections throughout? Let our weekly updates do the work for you.
  5. Proven Track Record - during the Chicago Municipal elections Aldertrack demonstrated that they can offer information of value in a usable format with timely updates. I was a consumer who was so impressed I decided to join them. And if you're a repeat visitor to this website you have likely found some information of use from me. Together I think this can be an effective team.

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