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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
03/22/191:49 PM A-1Pawar for Chicago$5,000.00
03/22/191:35 PM A-1Brady for Senate Inc$15,500.00
03/22/191:27 PM A-1Committee to Reelect Larry R Rogers Jr$19,500.00
03/22/191:14 PM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$4,500.00
03/22/191:13 PM A-1Illinois Pork Producers Assn PAC$1,000.00
03/22/191:09 PM A-1International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC$27,912.42
03/22/1912:55 PM A-1Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Comm$2,800.00
03/22/1912:35 PM A-1Friends of Sue Scherer$1,000.00
03/22/1912:32 PM A-1 (filed on paper)Trustees for One Barrington Hills
03/22/1912:28 PM D-1Citizens For Glenview
03/22/1912:25 PM B-1Friends for Education$1,500.00
03/22/1912:25 PM A-1Friends for Education$2,736.00
03/22/1912:14 PM A-1Underground Contractors Assn PAC$2,500.00
03/22/1912:08 PM A-1Citizens for Cramer$2,000.00
03/22/1912:08 PM A-1Video Gaming United PAC$20,000.00
03/22/1912:01 PM A-1Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman$5,000.00
03/22/1911:53 AM A-1Friends of Robert "Bob" Stokas$1,766.00
03/22/1911:37 AM A-1People Over Politics$3,000.00
03/22/1911:35 AM A-1Neighbors for Andre$19,600.00
03/22/1911:33 AM A-1Community BANCPAC$1,000.00
03/22/1911:26 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Trustees for One Barrington Hills
03/22/1911:26 AM B-1Illinois REALTORS Fund$69,650.00
03/22/1911:13 AM A-1Citizens for Deb Mell$9,500.00
03/22/1911:03 AM A-1Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Assn LU #73 State PAC$3,000.00
03/22/1910:47 AM A-1Friends of Mike Halpin$4,000.00
03/22/1910:03 AM D-1Citizens to elect Steven Heath
03/22/199:39 AM D-1Committee to Elect Judge Cynthia Y Cobbs
03/22/199:37 AM D-1 (Amendment)Gloria Cudia for RVC Trustee
03/22/199:30 AM A-1Neighbors in Action Party of Stone Park Political Committee$1,500.00
03/22/199:24 AM LetterFriends of Raymond A Lopez
03/22/199:24 AM A-1Friends of Walter Burnett, Jr$1,000.00
03/22/199:23 AM D-2Friends of James Karalus for Alderman 47th Ward03/22/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$647.48
03/22/199:21 AM A-1Friends of Sean McDermott$3,000.00
03/22/199:17 AM A-1People Over Politics$10,000.00
03/22/199:17 AM A-1Citizens for Annette Darden$40,003.00
03/22/199:12 AM A-1Friends of John Curran$7,000.00
03/22/198:51 AM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$1,500.00
03/22/198:44 AM A-1D86 Vote Yes On Referendum To Save$6,960.00
03/22/198:28 AM A-1Friends of Iris Y Martinez$1,000.00
03/22/198:20 AM LetterFriends of Kari Brown for Lake County Board
03/22/198:16 AM D-2Barb City Action Committee12/31/18$0.00$0.00$11,491.52$0.00$0.00
03/22/197:49 AM B-1Illinois Chinese American Rally for Education$4,500.00
03/22/197:40 AM A-1Illinois Chinese American Rally for Education$1,098.00
03/22/1912:34 AM A-1Plummer for Illinois$2,000.00
03/22/1912:00 AM A-1Toni For Chicago$111,000.00
03/21/1911:12 PM A-128th Ward Democratic Organization$1,760.99
03/21/1911:08 PM A-1Citizens for Ervin$1,000.00
03/21/1910:46 PM A-1Citizens for Alex Acevedo$8,000.00
03/21/1910:31 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Justin Kreindler12/31/18$555.00$1,500.28$7,073.25$0.00$0.00
03/21/1910:30 PM A-1Citizens for Toby Shaw$5,379.68
03/21/1910:11 PM A-1Citizens for Deb Mell$15,000.00
03/21/199:59 PM A-1Melissa For Chicago$20,000.00
03/21/199:56 PM A-1Citizens For Karina Villa$1,000.00
03/21/199:53 PM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$6,000.00
03/21/199:48 PM A-1Melissa For Chicago$66,000.00
03/21/199:46 PM A-1Bloomingdale 2019 Unity Party$4,500.00
03/21/199:38 PM A-1Colin for Chicago$1,000.00
03/21/199:37 PM A-1Citizens for Cappleman$27,700.00
03/21/199:17 PM A-1Friends of Frank Lesko$4,000.00
03/21/198:57 PM A-1Lightfoot for Chicago$813,500.00
03/21/198:49 PM A-1Friends of Pete DeMay$10,056.00
03/21/198:47 PM A-1Downstate Democratic Caucus$1,300.00
03/21/198:31 PM A-1Citizens for Ariel E Reboyras$8,500.00
03/21/198:27 PM A-1Amanda for Aurora$1,000.00
03/21/197:27 PM A-1Friends for Shawn Gregory$1,000.00
03/21/197:25 PM A-1Friends of Rianne Hawkins$16,000.00
03/21/196:23 PM A-1Friends of Jerry Joyce$400,000.00
03/21/196:07 PM A-1Friends of Roderick T Sawyer$24,694.74
03/21/196:01 PM A-1South West Economic Enhancement Team(Sweet) c/o Paul O'Grady$6,000.00
03/21/194:52 PM A-113th Ward Democratic Org$1,492.24
03/21/194:28 PM D-1Geneva Educators 4 Students
03/21/194:18 PM B-1INCS Action Independent Committee$73,133.48
03/21/194:18 PM A-1Cmte to Elect Howard B Brookins, Jr$5,000.00
03/21/194:12 PM A-1Friends of Maureen Dunne
03/21/194:11 PM A-1Friends of Yumi
03/21/194:08 PM A-1Friends of Marianne Lalonde$8,100.00
03/21/193:56 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$5,000.00
03/21/193:16 PM D-2Committee to Elect Jerry L Long03/21/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.01
03/21/193:12 PM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$5,000.00
03/21/193:00 PM D-2Friends of Cristin Evans03/21/19$0.00$100.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
03/21/193:00 PM D-2Friends for Robbie Craig01/01/70$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
03/21/192:58 PM A-1Robert Young For RVC Trustee$1,000.00
03/21/192:52 PM D-2Committee to Elect Jamie Boyd03/21/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
03/21/192:50 PM A-1Teamsters' Volunteers in Politics$4,816.50
03/21/192:44 PM D-2 (filed on paper)MC PAC
03/21/192:43 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Edwards County Democratic Central Committee
03/21/192:39 PM A-1Friends of Lakeisha Purchase$1,000.00
03/21/192:32 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$2,647.00
03/21/192:27 PM LetterCitizens in Support of District 99 High School
03/21/192:27 PM A-1Illinois Trial Lawyers Assn PAC$12,000.00
03/21/192:26 PM A-1Friends of Barrett F Pedersen$1,750.00
03/21/191:58 PM A-1Friends of Samantha Nugent$2,500.00
03/21/191:54 PM D-1Northwest Political Coalition
03/21/191:54 PM A-1Northwest Political Coalition
03/21/191:41 PM A-1Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Comm$1,600.00
03/21/191:20 PM A-1Chicago Building Trades State & Local Candidates Political Comm$10,800.00
03/21/191:05 PM A-1Yes for 220
03/21/1912:29 PM A-1Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE$250,733.00
03/21/1912:27 PM LetterMercer County Democratic Central Cmte
03/21/1912:11 PM A-1Committee to Elect Dan Caulkins$2,500.00