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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
01/30/233:15 PM D-1 (Amendment)Illinois First PAC
01/30/232:19 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of LaPointe
01/30/2312:48 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Frederick Collins
01/30/2312:46 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Frederick Collins
01/30/2312:45 PM A-1Friends of Brandon Johnson
01/30/2312:37 PM A-1Friends of Ruth Cruz
01/30/2311:33 AM A-1Stephens Political Action Committee NFP
01/30/2311:28 AM A-1Moad for 4th Ward
01/30/2311:10 AM D-1Citizens for Monique Parsons
01/30/2311:06 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Brian J Krajewski
01/30/2310:48 AM D-2 (Amendment)Coles County Democratic Central Comm
01/30/2310:47 AM A-1The New 37th Ward Democratic Org
01/30/2310:45 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Emma Mitts
01/30/2310:44 AM A-1Gutierrez for the New 30th Ward
01/30/2310:42 AM A-1Friends of William Hall$12,300.00
01/30/2310:38 AM D-2Citizens for Robert J O'Connor
01/30/2310:36 AM D-2Citizens for Robert J O'Connor
01/30/2310:33 AM D-2Advocates for 708 Community Mental
01/30/2310:25 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Frederick Collins
01/30/2310:23 AM A-1Friends of Ronnie Mosley
01/30/2310:18 AM A-1Italian-American Political Coalition
01/30/239:57 AM A-1Unidos Con Oscar$10,000.00
01/30/239:44 AM A-1Ellman for IL Senate D21
01/30/239:34 AM A-1Building Owners and Managers Assn PAC
01/30/239:26 AM A-128th Ward Democratic Organization
01/30/239:21 AM D-1 (Amendment)Women's Leadership Coalition PAC
01/30/239:18 AM D-1 (Amendment)Get Illinois Right PAC
01/30/239:08 AM D-1Citizens For Ryan Wright
01/30/238:56 AM D-1Committee to Elect Karen Sienko 2nd
01/30/238:44 AM D-1People for Aisha Pickett
01/30/238:31 AM D-1 (Amendment)Williamson County Republican Women
01/30/238:27 AM A-1LaSalle County Democratic Central Committee
01/30/238:25 AM LetterCommittee to Elect Alice Dobrinsky
01/30/238:24 AM D-1 (Amendment)Republicans of Elk Grove Township
01/30/237:58 AM A-1Citizens for Sanalitro$2,500.00
01/30/234:53 AM D-2 (Amendment)Champaign County Democratic Central Cmte
01/30/2312:24 AM A-1Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
01/29/2311:55 PM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman
01/29/2310:47 PM D-2Friends of Anthony Vega
01/29/2310:42 PM D-2People's Unity Committee
01/29/2310:12 PM A-1Friends of Brandon Johnson
01/29/239:34 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis$5,000.00
01/29/239:30 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/29/239:27 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/29/239:21 PM A-1Friends of Ashfaq Syed
01/29/237:27 PM A-1Friends of Alyssa Haaker
01/29/236:56 PM A-1Friends of Stephanie Coleman
01/29/235:57 PM A-1Citizens for Steve Nonn
01/29/234:20 PM A-1Vallas For Mayor
01/29/234:07 PM D-2Friends of Eli Nicolosi
01/29/234:06 PM D-2Friends of Eli Nicolosi
01/29/233:45 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Marshun Tolbert
01/29/233:05 PM A-1Friends of Sally Turner$1,000.00
01/29/232:13 PM A-1Friends of Samantha Nugent
01/29/231:36 PM A-1We the Parents
01/29/2312:56 PM A-1Citizens for Cassidy
01/29/2310:34 AM A-1Committee to Elect Johnson
01/29/2310:17 AM A-1Friends of Barbara Hernandez
01/29/2312:33 AM A-1Unidos Con Oscar
01/29/2312:20 AM A-1Friends of Brandon Johnson
01/28/2311:52 PM A-1Lamont Robinson For Alderman
01/28/239:50 PM A-1Friends of Patrick Brutus
01/28/238:16 PM A-1Friends of Peter Chico
01/28/238:12 PM A-1Friends of Peter Chico
01/28/238:06 PM D-2 (Amendment)Elect Corinne Pierog
01/28/238:05 PM A-1Democrats for the Illinois House$10,000.00
01/28/238:04 PM A-1Friends of Peter Chico
01/28/237:58 PM A-1Friends of Peter Chico
01/28/236:32 PM A-1Gutierrez for the New 30th Ward
01/28/235:53 PM A-1Neighbors for Daniel La Spata
01/28/235:14 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Renita Ward
01/28/235:08 PM A-1People For Brad Kessler
01/28/234:35 PM A-1Vallas For Mayor$98,500.00
01/28/233:02 PM D-2 (Amendment)Broadview People's Party
01/28/232:59 PM D-2 (Amendment)Broadview People's Party
01/28/232:10 PM A-1People for Emanuel Chris Welch
01/28/231:49 PM D-2Elect Corinne Pierog
01/28/231:12 PM A-1Friends of Peter Chico
01/28/231:10 PM D-2Clear View Pac
01/28/2312:41 PM A-1Citizens For Daniel Maldonado
01/28/2311:54 AM A-1Friends of Matt Martin
01/28/2311:45 AM A-1Friends of Paul Struebing
01/28/2311:35 AM A-1Friends of Sugar
01/28/2311:08 AM A-1Friends of Jessie Fuentes
01/28/239:58 AM A-1Citizens for John Laesch
01/28/239:37 AM A-1Friends for David B Guerin
01/28/239:32 AM A-1VICKO FOR 15
01/28/239:28 AM A-1IVCA - PAC
01/28/239:18 AM A-128th Ward Democratic Organization$3,000.00
01/28/239:12 AM A-1Citizens for Ervin
01/28/238:55 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/28/238:53 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/28/238:52 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/28/238:48 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Derrick G Curtis
01/27/2311:00 PM A-1Kris D Levy for 5th
01/27/2310:54 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Nicole Lee
01/27/2310:50 PM A-1Friends of Nicole Lee
01/27/2310:35 PM A-1Lamont Robinson For Alderman
01/27/2310:10 PM A-1Friends of Judge Chris Kennedy$6,000.00
01/27/239:54 PM A-1One Tinley Park