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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
09/25/187:56 AM A-1Democrats of Northfield Township$2,000.00
09/25/184:20 AM A-1Ann Maine for County Board$1,873.57
09/24/1811:41 PM A-1Citizens for Leon Rockingham$21,500.00
09/24/1811:27 PM A-1Ogle County Democratic Central Committee$9,545.00
09/24/1811:09 PM A-1Team Stava Murray$1,000.00
09/24/1811:06 PM A-1Citizens For Corrigan$14,059.00
09/24/1810:56 PM A-1Citizens For Corrigan$11,283.17
09/24/1810:50 PM A-1Citizens for Chuck Bartels$1,000.00
09/24/1810:39 PM D-2 (Amendment)Zalewski for State Representative06/30/18$18,190.00$35,160.89$240,987.69$0.00$184.00
09/24/1810:37 PM D-2 (Amendment)Zalewski for State Representative03/31/18$33,225.00$36,286.93$257,958.58$0.00$184.00
09/24/1810:35 PM D-2 (Amendment)Zalewski for State Representative12/31/17$126,225.66$27,610.56$261,020.51$0.00$184.00
09/24/1810:33 PM A-1Citizens For Corrigan$5,000.00
09/24/1810:33 PM D-2 (Amendment)Zalewski for State Representative09/30/17$158,600.00$68,075.25$162,405.41$0.00$184.00
09/24/1810:23 PM A-1Craig Taylor Campaign$2,023.60
09/24/1810:04 PM A-1Friends of Laura Fine$5,500.00
09/24/189:59 PM A-1Friends to Elect Terra Costa Howard$5,000.00
09/24/189:40 PM A-1Friends of Dave Severin$73,389.96
09/24/189:18 PM A-1Chuy for Chicago$1,000.00
09/24/188:35 PM A-1Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman$33,000.00
09/24/187:55 PM A-1Friends of Sam Tornatore$6,000.00
09/24/187:35 PM A-1Citizens for Joe Sosnowski$7,500.00
09/24/187:07 PM A-1DiCianni for DuPage County Board$9,250.00
09/24/187:07 PM A-1Friends of Jeff Braun$3,000.00
09/24/186:56 PM A-1Indo-American Democratic Org$3,000.00
09/24/186:37 PM A-1Illinois Restauranteurs PAC$6,000.00
09/24/185:43 PM A-1Plummer for Illinois$1,000.00
09/24/185:41 PM A-1Citizens to Elect James Reilly$5,000.00
09/24/185:36 PM A-1GMFM-Garry McCarthy For Mayor$31,000.00
09/24/185:26 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Paul Hinds$41,000.00
09/24/185:09 PM A-1Friends of Barrett Davie$64,300.48
09/24/185:05 PM A-1State & Local PAC of Intl Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees$2,500.00
09/24/185:04 PM A-1Sangamon County Board Republican Election Committee$2,000.00
09/24/185:00 PM A-1Fowler for Senate$8,500.00
09/24/184:46 PM A-1Citizens for Jill Blair$2,000.00
09/24/184:43 PM A-1Sangamon County Board Republican Election Committee$2,000.00
09/24/184:38 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$3,500.00
09/24/184:29 PM A-1Citizens for Greg Hart$1,000.00
09/24/184:28 PM A-1Citizens for Connelly$45,525.22
09/24/184:24 PM A-1Friends of Ann Dempsey$1,000.00
09/24/184:23 PM A-1Citizens for Friess$1,153.00
09/24/184:21 PM A-1Citizens for Michael Babcock$3,826.00
09/24/184:19 PM A-1Monroe County Democratic Central Committee$12,000.00
09/24/184:18 PM LetterFriends for Marty Moylan for State Representative
09/24/184:16 PM A-1Friends of Mark Batinick$8,376.88
09/24/184:11 PM A-1Friends of Karen Feldman$2,110.16
09/24/184:09 PM A-1Friends of Nick Hyde$1,000.00
09/24/184:08 PM A-1Senger for Comptroller$1,000.00
09/24/184:07 PM A-1Illinois AFL-CIO COPE$29,850.00
09/24/184:04 PM A-1Citizens for Patrick Windhorst$2,652.50
09/24/183:59 PM A-1Citizens for Chuck Tokar$3,500.00
09/24/183:59 PM A-1Friends for McPhillips$1,000.00
09/24/183:54 PM A-1Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative$2,500.00
09/24/183:44 PM A-1Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative$14,866.79
09/24/183:36 PM A-1Citizens for Hammond$22,000.00
09/24/183:31 PM A-111th Ward Democratic Party Campaign Committee$3,000.00
09/24/183:25 PM A-1Rooney for Illinois$28,332.32
09/24/183:18 PM A-1Citizens for Mary Mahady$5,000.00
09/24/183:10 PM D-2 (Amendment)Orland Park Small Business Association03/31/18$40,100.00$34,262.00$7,088.00$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:57 PM A-1Committee to Elect Terri Bryant$25,157.00
09/24/182:54 PM D-1Diane Michaels for Auditor
09/24/182:50 PM A-1Friends of Sue Scherer$2,500.00
09/24/182:48 PM A-1Citizens for Gregory Harris$1,000.00
09/24/182:48 PM A-1Citizens for Jeff Werfel$1,770.43
09/24/182:47 PM D-1 (Amendment)BobBarnett4DGIL
09/24/182:46 PM A-1Friends of Maggie O'Keefe$1,000.00
09/24/182:44 PM LetterFriends of Shayna Watchinski
09/24/182:38 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Edwards County Democratic Central Committee
09/24/182:34 PM A-1Citizens for Fred Crespo$24,500.00
09/24/182:34 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends for Renee Kosel
09/24/182:16 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for McLeod
09/24/182:13 PM A-1Friends of Jim Oberweis$4,500.00
09/24/182:11 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus03/31/18$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:11 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus06/30/18$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:10 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus09/30/17$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:10 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus12/31/17$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:09 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus06/30/17$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:08 PM D-2Riverside Community Caucus03/31/17$0.00$0.00$3,194.41$0.00$0.00
09/24/182:06 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$10,191.17
09/24/182:05 PM D-1 (Amendment)YES for D205 New Schools Referendum
09/24/182:02 PM A-1Committee to Elect Sheri Jesiel$12,100.00
09/24/181:38 PM A-1Working Forward PAC$2,000.00
09/24/181:33 PM A-1Friends of Maya Hodari for Alderman$10,000.00
09/24/181:28 PM D-1Committee to Elect Steven Voorhees
09/24/181:25 PM A-1Citizens for Tonia Khouri$7,500.00
09/24/181:22 PM A-1Friends of Becky Zeidman$1,463.20
09/24/181:22 PM A-1Home PAC$1,026.00
09/24/181:21 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$30,450.00
09/24/181:21 PM A-1Hanover Township Democratic Organization$1,000.00
09/24/181:16 PM A-1Friends of E Ryan Hall$2,000.00
09/24/181:03 PM D-1Thompson for Trustee
09/24/181:01 PM A-1Bailey for Illinois$3,205.00
09/24/1812:59 PM A-1Citizens for Kathleen Carrier$73,054.37
09/24/1812:50 PM D-1 (Amendment)Scott County Democratic Central Committee
09/24/1812:48 PM A-1Friends of Michael D. Rodriguez$3,500.00
09/24/1812:32 PM A-1Better Government for Alsip$5,000.00
09/24/1812:24 PM A-1Macon County Republican Central Cmte$5,000.00
09/24/1812:24 PM A-1Friends of Bridget Fitzgerald$22,520.00
09/24/1812:24 PM A-1Committee to Elect Judge Sanders$5,000.00
09/24/1812:11 PM D-1 (Amendment)Illinois Architects PAC
09/24/1812:11 PM A-1Citizens for Kay$49,760.64