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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
05/23/187:23 AM A-1Vote for Margo McDermed for Illinois House$4,000.00
05/22/1810:28 PM A-1Citizens for Antonio Tony Munoz$55,400.00
05/22/187:56 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$1,000.00
05/22/187:48 PM A-1Friends for Nikki Lohman$1,000.00
05/22/184:53 PM A-1Friends of Dorothy Brown$1,000.00
05/22/184:43 PM A-1Elect Jerry Long$5,000.00
05/22/184:35 PM A-1Friends of Walter Burnett, Jr$14,000.00
05/22/184:29 PM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$7,095.00
05/22/184:23 PM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$364,824.59
05/22/184:20 PM D-2 (Amendment)Amiwala for Cook County Board03/31/18$18,599.10$16,864.22$7,220.19$0.00$0.00
05/22/183:16 PM A-1IBEW Local 176 Voluntary PAC$6,559.65
05/22/182:58 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Char Kegarise03/31/18$8,500.00$6,504.34$1,995.66$0.00$3,500.00
05/22/182:54 PM A-1United Party For Progress$3,125.00
05/22/182:41 PM A-1Cass County Democratic Central Cmte$1,000.00
05/22/182:25 PM A-1Friends of Tom Cullerton$1,000.00
05/22/182:12 PM D-2Citizens for David Hansen05/22/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
05/22/182:02 PM D-2 (Amendment)Rockford Citizens Against Home Rule03/31/18$36,500.00$35,080.32$1,419.68$0.00$0.00
05/22/181:47 PM A-1IMHA - PAC$1,000.00
05/22/181:46 PM A-1Citizens For Matthew J Hunt$10,000.00
05/22/181:38 PM A-1Sangamon County Republican Central Comm$1,000.00
05/22/181:36 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$1,000.00
05/22/1812:30 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Brian Stout
05/22/1812:17 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Yes to Fox River Valley Libraries
05/22/1812:01 PM A-1Friends of Brian Stout$1,500.00
05/22/1812:01 PM A-1Friends of Jeanne Wrenn$2,400.00
05/22/1811:17 AM A-1SW IL Building & Construction Trades Council PAC$1,700.00
05/22/1811:13 AM A-1The Burnham Committee$48,000.00
05/22/1810:08 AM A-1DuPage County Republican Central Committee$9,500.00
05/22/1810:03 AM A-1Friends of Bob Watt$3,500.00
05/22/189:55 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Friends of Nick Hyde
05/22/189:54 AM A-1Committee to Elect Sheri Jesiel$5,000.00
05/22/189:52 AM A-1Citizens for Lou Lang$2,500.00
05/22/189:21 AM D-2 (Amendment)Chicagoland Associated General Contractors PAC03/31/18$9,505.58$868.90$74,267.88$0.00$0.00
05/22/189:20 AM D-2 (Amendment)Chicagoland Associated General Contractors PAC12/31/17$10,273.99$5,351.69$65,631.20$0.00$0.00
05/22/189:19 AM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Corean Davis09/30/17$13,216.77$6,534.08$6,682.69$0.00$10,000.00
05/22/189:14 AM A-1Friends of Bob Watt$3,500.00
05/22/188:36 AM A-119th Ward Democratic Org$1,000.00
05/22/188:35 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Bob Watt
05/22/188:32 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Ashonta Rice-Akiwowo Judge03/31/18$25,895.00$21,914.01$4,199.39$0.00$0.00
05/22/188:13 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Ashonta Rice-Akiwowo Judge12/31/17$1,610.00$3,067.49$218.40$0.00$0.00
05/22/187:52 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Ashonta Rice-Akiwowo Judge09/30/17$1,480.00$141.90$1,675.89$0.00$0.00
05/22/187:10 AM A-1Rock Island County Democratic Central Cmte$3,300.00
05/21/1811:53 PM A-1McCann for Illinois$100,000.00
05/21/188:10 PM A-1Friends for Debbie$1,000.00
05/21/187:57 PM A-1The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch$4,997.00
05/21/187:33 PM A-1Friends for Gerald Cleary$1,712.50
05/21/186:41 PM A-1Friends of Paul O'Grady$6,000.00
05/21/186:19 PM A-1Friends of Marilyn$3,000.00
05/21/185:12 PM A-1Irvin for Aurora$30,500.00
05/21/185:04 PM A-1Elect Jerry Long$1,000.00
05/21/184:58 PM A-1Illinois Restauranteurs PAC$2,500.00
05/21/184:25 PM D-1 (Amendment)Kendall County Democratic Party
05/21/184:19 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Morrison$2,500.00
05/21/184:07 PM A-1Vote for Margo McDermed for Illinois House$5,000.00
05/21/183:47 PM A-1McCombie for Illinois$3,500.00
05/21/183:19 PM A-1Citizens for Patrick Windhorst$6,000.00
05/21/182:55 PM A-1Illinois State Medical Society PAC$2,400.00
05/21/182:25 PM A-1Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Assn PAC$5,500.00
05/21/182:08 PM A-1 (filed on paper)Joan Padilla for State Representative
05/21/182:04 PM A-1Chicago City Council Women's Caucus$6,500.00
05/21/182:00 PM A-1Friends to Elect Greg Jury$2,500.00
05/21/181:50 PM A-1Friends of Mark Stephens$1,000.00
05/21/181:44 PM D-1Kane County Democratic Women
05/21/181:42 PM A-1Citizens for Tom Morrison$6,000.00
05/21/181:27 PM D-1 (Amendment)DuPage Township Democratic Org
05/21/181:21 PM A-1Republican State Senate Campaign Committee$12,000.00
05/21/181:20 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$11,221.25
05/21/181:12 PM D-1 (Amendment)IMHA - PAC
05/21/181:08 PM A-1Citizens For Blaine Wilhour$2,500.00
05/21/1812:54 PM D-1Friends of Anthony L. McCaskill Inc.
05/21/1812:29 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Callahan$1,300.00
05/21/1812:26 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Callahan$1,000.00
05/21/1812:15 PM A-1Citizens for Pat Dowell$1,000.00
05/21/1811:56 AM A-1Friends of Terry Link$7,800.00
05/21/1811:56 AM A-1Friends of Bridget Fitzgerald$2,961.11
05/21/1811:51 AM A-1Friends of Nancy Zettler$2,207.27
05/21/1811:34 AM A-1Friends of David Gonzalez$42,250.00
05/21/1811:23 AM A-1Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative$2,500.00
05/21/1810:58 AM A-1Vote for Margo McDermed for Illinois House$2,000.00
05/21/1810:02 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$7,760.00
05/21/189:03 AM A-1Boone County Democratic Central Cmte$2,000.00
05/21/188:37 AM D-1 (Amendment)Williamson County Republican Central Comm
05/21/188:18 AM D-1 (Amendment)Northside Democracy for America
05/21/188:15 AM A-1Friends of Jeff Bullard$3,500.00
05/21/188:14 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Friends of Ruth O'Connell
05/21/187:43 AM A-1GMFM-Garry McCarthy For Mayor$18,500.00
05/20/1810:15 PM A-1Citizens for Michael E Hastings$3,000.00
05/20/189:06 PM A-1Citizens for John M Cabello$1,000.00
05/20/188:37 PM A-1Citizens for Fricilone$1,000.00
05/20/185:58 PM A-1Friends of Greg Mitchell$1,000.00
05/20/184:20 PM A-1Colin for Chicago$1,997.00
05/20/183:57 PM A-1Friends of Ken Idstein$1,250.00
05/20/183:15 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$2,000.00
05/20/182:50 PM A-1Friends of Dan Swanson$2,000.00
05/20/182:30 PM A-1Friends of Paul O'Grady$10,000.00
05/20/182:09 PM A-1Skokie Caucus Party$3,500.00
05/20/1812:56 PM A-1Winger for Rep$3,000.00
05/20/188:11 AM A-1Citizens for Al Riley$2,500.00
05/19/1811:26 PM A-1Friends of Laura Fine$1,000.00
05/19/1810:53 PM A-1Citizens for Pat Dowell$8,500.00