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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
05/18/248:10 AM A-1Citizens For Schweizer$4,000.00
05/18/248:04 AM A-1Team Shanahan$4,000.00
05/17/2411:36 PM A-1Friends of Willie Preston$9,000.00
05/17/2410:01 PM A-1Friends of Cindy Cronin Cahill$3,500.00
05/17/249:08 PM D-2Friends of Robert Eastern III
05/17/244:40 PM A-1Committee to Retain Judge Kolker$21,000.00
05/17/244:25 PM D-1 (Amendment)Jackson County Republican Central Committee
05/17/244:15 PM A-1Illinois American Water Co PAC (IL-Am PAC)$22,000.00
05/17/243:49 PM D-1Save Our Local Businesses Illinois PAC
05/17/243:38 PM A-1Friends of Heidi Henry$1,800.00
05/17/243:18 PM D-1 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Nick Raftopoulos
05/17/242:55 PM A-1Friends for Murri Briel$5,000.00
05/17/242:26 PM D-1Wayne Township Democratic Party
05/17/242:21 PM A-1Friends of Denis Cyr$1,000.00
05/17/242:01 PM A-1IBEW Local 176 Voluntary PAC$6,168.30
05/17/241:52 PM A-1Fox Valley Building Trades Political Action Committtee$1,397.00
05/17/241:43 PM A-1Joy for Justice, Inc.$5,000.00
05/17/241:17 PM A-1Friends of Cindy Cronin Cahill$1,000.00
05/17/2412:23 PM D-1 (Amendment)Kankakee Friends of Labor PAC
05/17/2412:16 PM A-1Gente for Graciela Guzman$10,000.00
05/17/2411:44 AM D-2 (Amendment)Crawford County Democratic Women
05/17/2411:16 AM A-1Citizens For Karina Villa$1,000.00
05/17/2411:14 AM A-1McCombie for Illinois$35,000.00
05/17/2411:06 AM A-1Citizens for Hammond$1,000.00
05/17/2410:59 AM A-1St Clair County Democratic Central Comm$3,500.00
05/17/2410:47 AM A-1Lester Vaughan for Forest Preserve Commissioner
05/17/2410:41 AM A-1Sangamon County Republican Central Comm$1,375.00
05/17/2410:14 AM A-1Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE$304,710.00
05/17/2410:07 AM D-2 (Amendment)Stadelman for State Senate
05/17/2410:04 AM D-2 (Amendment)Stadelman for State Senate
05/17/248:33 AM A-1District Union #431 UFCW Political Action Account$2,000.00
05/17/248:24 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Dawn Bullock
05/17/248:24 AM LetterCitizens for David Orr
05/17/248:12 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$3,000.00
05/17/246:15 AM A-1Friends of Doris Turner$2,000.00
05/16/248:17 PM A-1Friends of Samantha Nugent$13,800.00
05/16/247:58 PM A-1Friends to Elect Judge Smigielski$7,000.00
05/16/245:48 PM A-1Friends of Stephanie Coleman$2,000.00
05/16/245:30 PM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$4,000.00
05/16/245:26 PM A-116th Ward Democratic Organization$15,000.00
05/16/245:06 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza$8,500.00
05/16/244:31 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:28 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:27 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:25 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:24 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:21 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:19 PM D-2 (Amendment)Hal for Central Committee
05/16/244:11 PM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$4,945.97
05/16/244:04 PM D-1 (Amendment)Southwest Side GOP Club
05/16/243:28 PM A-118th Ward Democratic Org$2,500.00
05/16/243:20 PM A-1Friends of Frank J Andreou for Circuit Court Judge$14,000.00
05/16/242:58 PM A-1Wood River Twp Democratic Precinct$1,040.00
05/16/242:49 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$3,431.00
05/16/241:55 PM A-1Illinois CPA's for Political Action$3,500.00
05/16/241:53 PM A-1Gun Violence Prevention PAC$23,700.00
05/16/241:48 PM A-1Citizens for David Orr$2,000.00
05/16/241:44 PM D-2Illinois Neighborhood Watch
05/16/241:04 PM A-1Committee to Reelect Larry R Rogers Jr$1,000.00
05/16/2412:00 PM A-1Raoul for Illinois$2,500.00
05/16/2411:33 AM A-1Friends of Marti Deuter$2,000.00
05/16/2411:02 AM A-1Friends of Kam Buckner$6,208.08
05/16/2411:02 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Rick Gieser$3,850.00
05/16/2410:46 AM D-2Citizens for Joshua Gray
05/16/2410:46 AM D-2Citizens for Joshua Gray
05/16/2410:43 AM A-1Democratic Women of Macon County$1,000.00
05/16/2410:34 AM A-1Citizens for John Laesch$1,000.00
05/16/2410:24 AM A-1Tazewell County Republican Central Committee$1,561.52
05/16/2410:07 AM A-1Carpentry Advancement Political Action$241,285.92
05/16/249:13 AM A-1Friends of Sheila Chalmers- Currin$3,500.00
05/16/248:31 AM A-1Niles Township Democrats United$1,000.00
05/16/248:30 AM A-1Friends of Michelle A Harris$36,350.00
05/16/248:06 AM A-1Caruana for Winnebago County Sheriff$14,750.00
05/16/247:53 AM D-2 (Amendment)Madison County Republican Central Comm
05/15/248:58 PM A-128th Ward Democratic Organization$4,500.00
05/15/248:42 PM A-1Balkema for State Senate$6,000.00
05/15/246:01 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza$5,000.00
05/15/245:14 PM A-1Friends for Ted Mesiacos$19,000.00
05/15/244:57 PM A-1Affordable Assisted Living Coalition PAC$20,500.00
05/15/244:32 PM A-111th Ward Regular Democratic Organization$3,500.00
05/15/244:30 PM A-1Friends for Debra Silverstein$3,000.00
05/15/244:19 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Ronald M Serpico Sr. Inc$1,950.00
05/15/244:14 PM A-1Valencia for Chicago$4,500.00
05/15/243:54 PM D-2 (Amendment)36th Ward Dems
05/15/243:54 PM D-2 (Amendment)36th Ward Dems
05/15/243:53 PM D-1 (Amendment)McHenry Township Republican Team Fund
05/15/243:21 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:19 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:17 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:15 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:14 PM A-1Illinois Health Care Assn PAC$3,707.00
05/15/243:14 PM A-1Friends of Justice Linda Davenport for$3,500.00
05/15/243:14 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:12 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/243:09 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Hebreard
05/15/242:54 PM A-1Friends of Joyce Mason$4,000.00
05/15/242:44 PM A-1Friends for Frank DeSimone$1,000.00
05/15/242:19 PM A-1Citizens for Hammond
05/15/242:12 PM A-1Citizens for Judge Jennifer Barron$1,000.00
05/15/241:56 PM A-1Citizens for Liz Chaplin$1,000.00