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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
09/06/1912:15 PM D-1Citizens to Elect Patty Deiters
09/06/1912:03 PM D-1 (Amendment)Sangamon County Democratic Central Cmte
09/06/1911:53 AM D-1Silkwood For Auditor
09/06/1911:16 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$9,530.00
09/06/1911:07 AM A-1Committee to Elect Judge James T. Derico Jr$1,500.00
09/06/1910:58 AM A-1Pat O'Brien for State's Attorney$5,600.00
09/06/1910:54 AM A-1Committee to Elect Heather A Begley for Judge$1,000.00
09/06/1910:47 AM A-1Friends of Robyn Gabel$1,000.00
09/06/1910:33 AM A-1Citizens for Gregory Harris$3,500.00
09/06/1910:10 AM A-1House Republican Organization$3,500.00
09/06/199:51 AM A-1Citizens for Durkin$13,500.00
09/06/199:48 AM A-1Friends of Richard Boykin$10,000.00
09/06/199:43 AM A-1Committee to Elect Justin Maze for$3,800.00
09/06/199:39 AM A-1Committee to Elect Justin Maze for$1,200.00
09/06/199:25 AM A-1Committee to Elect Justin Maze for$4,800.00
09/06/199:13 AM A-1Anderson for Illinois$2,000.00
09/06/1912:59 AM A-1Citizens for Maurice West II$1,000.00
09/06/1912:25 AM A-1Gun Violence Prevention PAC$10,000.00
09/05/1910:02 PM A-1Chris Stacey for Judge$1,000.00
09/05/198:59 PM A-1Committee for Margaret McBride$39,600.00
09/05/198:37 PM A-1Friends of Gabe McLeod$5,000.00
09/05/198:33 PM A-1Supporters of Jack D Franks$3,000.00
09/05/198:21 PM A-1Committee for Chris Kachiroubas$1,000.00
09/05/198:08 PM A-1Friends of Sondra Denmark$7,500.00
09/05/197:51 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$3,000.00
09/05/197:30 PM A-1Citizens for Debbie Meyers Martin$3,000.00
09/05/197:07 PM A-1Deidre Baumann for Judge$17,500.00
09/05/196:46 PM A-1Citizens for Joe Sosnowski$1,000.00
09/05/196:32 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza For Comptroller$1,000.00
09/05/196:27 PM A-1Susana Mendoza For Mayor$5,000.00
09/05/196:07 PM A-1Cicero Democratic Organization$1,250.00
09/05/195:12 PM A-1Good Government Illinois$2,000.00
09/05/194:55 PM A-1Illinois Republican Party$5,487.60
09/05/194:09 PM A-1Team Demmer$12,917.50
09/05/194:06 PM D-1Citizens for Simone M Boutet
09/05/194:05 PM A-1Citizens for Elizabeth Hernandez$1,200.00
09/05/193:47 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$5,150.00
09/05/193:39 PM A-1Dent-IL-PAC, the Political Action Comm of the IL State Dental Society$3,000.00
09/05/193:32 PM A-134th Ward Regular Democratic Org$1,000.00
09/05/193:08 PM D-1Friends of Marty Malone
09/05/192:49 PM D-1Silverstein for Judge
09/05/192:39 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$1,201.00
09/05/192:32 PM A-1Citizens for Tim Baldermann$10,000.00
09/05/192:13 PM A-1Independent Insurance Agents PAC$3,500.00
09/05/192:11 PM A-1Committee to Elect Keith Wheeler$1,500.00
09/05/192:09 PM A-1Friends of Patti Vasquez$1,000.00
09/05/191:42 PM A-1Winnebago County Democratic Cent Cmte$5,000.00
09/05/191:39 PM A-1Committee to Elect Dan Caulkins$1,500.00
09/05/191:25 PM A-1Citizens for Charlie Meier$16,500.00
09/05/191:09 PM LetterCitizens for Emil Jones
09/05/1912:50 PM D-1Beth Goncher for Senate
09/05/1912:49 PM A-1Friends of Theresa Mah$2,000.00
09/05/1912:31 PM D-2 (Amendment) (filed on paper)Morgan County Democrats
09/05/1912:28 PM A-1Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate$54,400.00
09/05/1912:17 PM D-1Committee to Elect Howard J. Wise
09/05/1912:08 PM A-1Senate Democratic Victory Fund$32,500.00
09/05/1911:53 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Nathan Reitz
09/05/1911:44 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/05/1911:37 AM A-1Citizens for John M Cabello$5,000.00
09/05/1911:12 AM A-1Friends of Michele Smith$4,000.00
09/05/1911:10 AM A-1Friends of Natalie Manley$52,000.00
09/05/1910:12 AM D-1Iris Martinez for 33rd Ward Dem Committeeman
09/05/199:56 AM A-1Friends of Dave Severin$2,000.00
09/05/199:27 AM A-1Bennett for Senate$9,000.00
09/05/199:21 AM A-111th Ward Democratic Party Campaign Committee$9,500.00
09/05/198:56 AM A-1Friends of Patrick D Thompson for Alderman$1,000.00
09/05/198:54 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Mark W Szula$7,150.00
09/05/198:46 AM D-1Friends of Cathy Runty
09/05/198:41 AM A-1Cook County Democratic Party$145,000.00
09/05/198:27 AM A-1Friends of Denyse Wang Stoneback$2,000.00
09/05/198:25 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends for Amy M Meyer
09/05/197:35 AM A-1Friends to Elect Julie B Aimen for Judge$1,000.00
09/04/1910:28 PM A-1Jones for State Representative$1,000.00
09/04/1910:26 PM A-1Friends of Kelly M Burke$2,500.00
09/04/199:56 PM A-1Committee to Elect Robert J Lovero$6,750.00
09/04/198:38 PM A-1Friends of Monica Bristow$1,000.00
09/04/198:30 PM A-1Citizens for Patricia M Fallon$1,000.00
09/04/198:27 PM A-1Brady for Senate Inc$24,500.00
09/04/197:45 PM A-1Friends for Foxx$118,500.00
09/04/197:42 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$65,541.26
09/04/197:38 PM A-1Illinois Hotel & Motel Pac (IHMPAC)$10,500.00
09/04/197:34 PM A-1Friends of Judge Kerrie Maloney Laytin$10,000.00
09/04/197:32 PM A-1Friends of Judge Teresa Molina$16,010.00
09/04/195:50 PM A-1William Haine Fund to Promote Progress$2,343.55
09/04/195:15 PM A-1More For State's Attorney$16,000.00
09/04/195:09 PM A-1Mary for Illinois$22,000.00
09/04/194:48 PM A-1Friends of Lance Yednock$1,000.00
09/04/194:46 PM A-1Citizens for Jacqueline Collins$1,500.00
09/04/194:22 PM A-1Friends of Jawaharial Omarr Williams$5,500.00
09/04/194:20 PM A-1More For State's Attorney$10,000.00
09/04/194:18 PM D-1 (Amendment)Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Assn
09/04/193:50 PM A-1More For State's Attorney$51,500.00
09/04/193:46 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Melchin$1,600.00
09/04/193:45 PM A-1The Illinois Chamber PAC$1,000.00
09/04/193:38 PM A-1Citizens for Michael E Hastings$33,750.71
09/04/193:11 PM A-1Citizens for Marcus C Evans Jr$2,000.00
09/04/192:36 PM A-1 (filed on paper)Citizens for Moorer
09/04/192:08 PM A-1Sangamon County Republican Foundation$1,000.00
09/04/191:57 PM A-1Citizens for Linda Holmes$13,500.00
09/04/191:55 PM A-1Gervais for Judge$2,000.00