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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
10/03/227:17 AM A-1Friends of Patrick Brutus
10/03/227:17 AM D-2Citizens to Elect Brian VanVickle for Sheriff
10/03/227:16 AM D-2Citizens to Elect Greg Vaccaro
10/03/227:12 AM D-2Friends of Brian W Dahl
10/03/227:07 AM D-2Rick Robbins for Sheriff
10/03/226:57 AM D-2Friends of Peter J Normand
10/03/226:56 AM D-2Fox Valley Building Trades Political Action Committtee
10/03/226:47 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Judge Mike Reidy
10/03/226:43 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Justice Michael J Burke
10/03/226:42 AM D-2Friends of Jake Castanza
10/03/226:39 AM D-2Committee to Elect Debbie Gillette
10/03/226:38 AM D-2Citizens to Elect Chelsey Renece Robinson for Judge
10/03/226:28 AM D-2The 218 Club
10/03/225:51 AM A-1Friends of Fran Hurley
10/03/225:47 AM A-1Friends of Fran Hurley
10/03/225:47 AM D-2Friends of Sean Michels
10/03/225:19 AM D-2Custodial Maintenance Assn of THSD 214
10/03/225:09 AM D-2Friends of Lockport Township
10/03/221:15 AM D-2Yessenia for 10
10/03/221:14 AM D-2David McSweeney for State Representative
10/03/221:12 AM D-2Greater Southeast Chicago PAC
10/03/2212:18 AM D-2Committee for the Illinois Democracy Amendment
10/02/2210:45 PM D-2Catherine M Adduci
10/02/2210:30 PM A-1Friends of Chad Tuneberg
10/02/2210:15 PM D-2Will County Board Democratic Caucus
10/02/2210:13 PM D-2Friends of April L Palmer-Auditor
10/02/2210:12 PM D-2Bloomingdale Township Democratic Org
10/02/2210:10 PM D-2Friends of Michael Murray
10/02/2210:06 PM D-2Democratic Party of Wheatland Twp
10/02/2210:06 PM D-2Citizens for Tony Giles
10/02/229:59 PM D-2Friends of Margaret Tyson
10/02/229:59 PM D-2Citizens for Brian Elsasser
10/02/229:50 PM D-2Illinois Federation of Public Employees PAC Local 4408
10/02/229:50 PM D-2Friends for Nikki Lohman
10/02/229:39 PM D-2Alexander County Democratic Central Cmte
10/02/229:35 PM D-2Committee to Elect Terri Bryant
10/02/229:33 PM A-1Friends of Bennett Lawson
10/02/229:23 PM D-2Friends of Sergio for District 65
10/02/229:14 PM D-2Glenbard Education Association PAC for Education
10/02/229:11 PM D-2Friends of Michelle M Stiff
10/02/229:08 PM A-1Friends of Rita Mayfield
10/02/229:00 PM A-1Friends of Joyce Mason
10/02/229:00 PM A-1Friends of Joyce Mason
10/02/228:58 PM A-1Committee to Elect Cindy Cunningham
10/02/228:53 PM A-1Friends of Frank Fleischer$13,000.00
10/02/228:51 PM D-2Citizens for Chris Miller
10/02/228:20 PM D-2Friends of Gerri Songer
10/02/228:13 PM D-2Citizens to Elect Carmelita P Earls 28th Ward Alderman
10/02/228:02 PM D-2Friends of Lee Trejo
10/02/227:57 PM D-2People For Reginald Mathews
10/02/227:50 PM A-1Friends to Elect Harry Benton
10/02/227:49 PM D-2Friends of Anthony
10/02/227:44 PM D-2 (Amendment)Glenda Wright-McCullum Campaign Committee
10/02/227:19 PM A-1The Firewall Project
10/02/227:15 PM D-2Citizens for Jeffrey Lower for Sheriff
10/02/227:00 PM A-1Friends for Litney
10/02/226:56 PM D-2Dew III For Politics
10/02/226:52 PM A-1Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative
10/02/226:51 PM A-1Jack Vrett for Illinois NFP
10/02/226:48 PM D-2Downers Grove Elementary Education Assn
10/02/226:28 PM A-1Friends of Scott Preston$1,000.00
10/02/226:23 PM D-2Committee to Elect Erika Briggs
10/02/226:17 PM A-1Friends for Jennifer
10/02/226:12 PM A-1Citizens for Sanalitro
10/02/226:11 PM D-2Committee to Elect Erika Briggs
10/02/226:05 PM D-2Cass County Republican Central Cmte
10/02/226:04 PM A-1Dacres, O'Connor & Rubin for 20th$1,405.00
10/02/225:59 PM A-1Friends for Proco Joe Moreno
10/02/225:57 PM D-2 (Amendment)Glenda Wright-McCullum Campaign Committee
10/02/225:49 PM D-2Committee to Elect Mike "Junior" Burke Williamson County Coroner
10/02/225:48 PM D-2Elect Judge Mitchell
10/02/225:41 PM D-2Friends of Jeff Boyd for Sheriff
10/02/225:37 PM D-2Citizens for Marcy Patterson
10/02/225:25 PM D-2Friends to Elect Ken Briley
10/02/225:20 PM D-2Friends of Frank Fleischer
10/02/225:16 PM A-1Citizens for Amy Elik
10/02/225:11 PM D-2Macon County Republican Central Cmte
10/02/225:10 PM D-2African American Clergy Coalition
10/02/225:08 PM D-2Citizens for Bass
10/02/225:07 PM D-2Friends of Todd H Stroger
10/02/225:05 PM D-2New Trier Democratic Organization
10/02/225:01 PM D-2Citizens for Fatimah Macklin
10/02/225:00 PM D-2Glenda Wright-McCullum Campaign Committee
10/02/224:50 PM A-1Team Demmer
10/02/224:39 PM D-2The Rock Island 7th Precinct Democratic
10/02/224:36 PM A-1Evelyn for DuPage
10/02/224:34 PM D-2The Rock Island 7th Precinct Democratic
10/02/224:34 PM D-2Evelyn for DuPage
10/02/224:31 PM A-1Macon County Republican Central Cmte$1,000.00
10/02/224:15 PM D-2Moultrie County Democrat Central Committee
10/02/224:14 PM D-2Lead 300-IPACE NEA/IEA
10/02/223:50 PM A-1Friends for Diane Blair-Sherlock
10/02/223:46 PM D-2Win With Wener
10/02/223:43 PM D-2Trippi for Evanston
10/02/223:43 PM D-2West Deerfield Township Democrats
10/02/223:32 PM D-2Friends of Jeff Jenkins
10/02/223:28 PM D-2Friends of Larry Falbe
10/02/223:19 PM A-1Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Union Council PAC
10/02/223:10 PM D-2Friends of Joe Gump for Judge
10/02/222:59 PM D-2Maurice West for Illinois