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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
06/07/2310:48 PM A-1Friends of Jacqueline Pereda
06/07/2310:29 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain
06/07/239:05 PM A-1People for Emanuel Chris Welch
06/07/238:27 PM A-1Citizens for Saba Haider
06/07/237:37 PM A-1Friends of Don Harmon for State Senate
06/07/237:25 PM A-119th Ward Democratic Org
06/07/237:23 PM A-1Citizens for Ford
06/07/236:54 PM A-1ISDF
06/07/236:17 PM A-1Proviso Township Democratic Organization
06/07/236:11 PM A-1Citizens for Saviano
06/07/234:33 PM A-1Health Care Council of IL PAC
06/07/233:58 PM A-1Operating Engineers' Local 965 Political Education Committee
06/07/233:50 PM A-1Julie Morrison for State Senate
06/07/233:30 PM A-1DeWitte for Illinois Senate
06/07/232:51 PM A-1Democratic Women of DuPage County$7,500.00
06/07/232:06 PM A-1International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC
06/07/232:00 PM A-1Friends of Robert "Bob" Rita
06/07/231:56 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of William Hall
06/07/231:36 PM A-1House Republican Organization
06/07/231:13 PM D-2Elizabeth Bauer for D214 Committee
06/07/2312:10 PM A-1People for Laura Faver Dias
06/07/2312:02 PM A-1Citizens for Hammond
06/07/2312:01 PM A-1Alon Stein for Judge
06/07/2312:01 PM LetterAlon Stein for Judge
06/07/2311:09 AM A-1Friends for Debra Silverstein
06/07/2310:51 AM A-1Ozinga for Illinois
06/07/2310:32 AM A-1JFK Dinner PAC of the Democratic Party
06/07/2310:31 AM A-1Citizens for Elizabeth Hernandez
06/07/2310:21 AM D-1 (Amendment)One Orland Party
06/07/239:39 AM A-1Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR$1,556.35
06/07/239:08 AM A-1Barrington Township Republican Org$1,734.00
06/07/238:58 AM A-1Fifth Ward Regular Democratic Org
06/07/238:42 AM A-1Clean Energy Illinois - Barry Matchett, Treasurer
06/07/238:40 AM A-1Tazewell County Republican Central Committee
06/07/238:32 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Eileen Dordek
06/06/239:56 PM A-1Friends of Alex Zapien
06/06/239:32 PM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain
06/06/239:25 PM A-1Preckwinkle for President
06/06/237:23 PM A-1Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE
06/06/237:02 PM A-1Lance Peterson for Appellate Justice
06/06/235:38 PM A-1Kane County Republican Central Cmte
06/06/235:12 PM A-1Norridge Improvement Party
06/06/234:51 PM A-1Citizens for Jodi Hoos States Attorney
06/06/234:48 PM A-111th Ward IPO
06/06/234:16 PM A-1Friends of Brandon Johnson
06/06/234:09 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Jackson Paller
06/06/233:51 PM LetterTwelve Counties Southwestern IL Laborers Dist Council PAC
06/06/233:49 PM LetterDownstate Illinois Laborers District
06/06/233:37 PM A-1Citizens for Hammond
06/06/233:35 PM D-1 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Jesse G Reyes
06/06/233:33 PM A-1Gun Violence Prevention PAC
06/06/233:16 PM A-1Illinois CPA's for Political Action
06/06/233:01 PM A-1Senate Republican Victory Fund
06/06/232:49 PM D-1 (Amendment)Farm Team PAC
06/06/232:24 PM A-1Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Union Council PAC
06/06/232:16 PM A-1Friends of John Curran
06/06/231:49 PM A-1Vermilion County Democratic Party
06/06/231:43 PM A-1Citizens for Bradley J Fritts
06/06/2312:09 PM D-1 (Amendment)IBEW Local 176 Voluntary PAC
06/06/2311:26 AM A-1Illinois Restauranteurs PAC
06/06/2311:02 AM A-1Stadelman for State Senate
06/06/2310:46 AM A-1McCombie for Illinois
06/06/2310:23 AM D-2Friends of Rebecca Janowitz
06/06/2310:21 AM A-1Citizens for Dan Wright
06/06/239:29 AM A-1Credit Union Political Action Council (CUPAC) IL
06/06/238:58 AM A-1Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Assn LU #73 State PAC$1,367.34
06/06/238:54 AM A-1Friends of Kelly M Burke
06/06/238:41 AM A-1Friends for Donna Miller
06/05/2310:38 PM D-2 (Amendment)Southern Illinois Builders Assn PAC
06/05/2310:37 PM D-2 (Amendment)Southern Illinois Builders Assn PAC
06/05/239:39 PM A-1Iris for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk
06/05/238:50 PM A-1Friends of Nicholas Smith
06/05/237:46 PM D-2 (Amendment)YDC PAC
06/05/234:49 PM A-1Citizens for Kurt Prenzler
06/05/233:42 PM A-1Friends of Napoleon Harris
06/05/233:18 PM A-1ISDF$40,000.00
06/05/233:11 PM A-1Senate Republican Victory Fund
06/05/232:59 PM A-119th Ward Democratic Org
06/05/231:57 PM LetterWilliamson County Republican Central Comm
06/05/2312:51 PM A-1Friends of Ronnie Mosley
06/05/2312:29 PM A-1Citizens for Christopher Getty
06/05/2310:56 AM D-2Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:52 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:51 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:50 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:44 AM A-1Friends for Fritz
06/05/2310:35 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Mary Gill
06/05/2310:33 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:32 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:31 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:30 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:27 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:17 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/2310:00 AM A-1Illinois Hospital Assn PAC (IHA PAC)
06/05/239:39 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/239:38 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Cervantez State's Attorney
06/05/238:45 AM A-1Illinois Bankers' PAC
06/05/238:36 AM A-1Manufacturers PAC (MPAC)
06/05/238:30 AM LetterIllinois Health Care Assn PAC
06/05/238:20 AM A-1Friends of Don Harmon for State Senate$9,500.00