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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
01/22/1912:26 AM A-1Committee to Elect Robert J Lovero$5,050.00
01/22/1912:20 AM A-1Democratic Citizens of Berwyn (DCOB)$1,000.00
01/21/1910:24 PM D-2Friends of Kinga Bartoszek12/31/18$0.00$0.00$1,782.58$0.00$0.00
01/21/199:37 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Beiser12/31/18$0.00$2,603.54$12,731.17$0.00$0.00
01/21/199:24 PM A-1No Baloney For Polony$1,000.00
01/21/198:59 PM A-1Friends for Jeanette B Taylor$3,000.00
01/21/197:59 PM D-2East St Louis Republican Central Cmte12/31/18$0.00$0.00$53.98$0.00$0.00
01/21/197:06 PM A-1Friends for Redpath$7,000.00
01/21/195:55 PM A-1Friends of Amara Enyia$16,908.00
01/21/195:42 PM A-1Rosemont Voters League$13,900.00
01/21/195:39 PM A-1Friends of Sid Ruckriegel$4,000.00
01/21/193:35 PM D-2Fair Judicial Alliance01/21/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/21/193:22 PM A-1Citizens for Marty Quinn$50,000.00
01/21/193:10 PM D-21 Cent Makes Sense Committee12/31/18$0.00$0.00$4,985.60$0.00$0.00
01/21/1912:15 PM A-1Citizens for Maldonado$5,000.00
01/21/1912:10 PM A-1Friends of Rebecca Janowitz$1,600.00
01/21/1911:31 AM D-238th Ward for Ralph Pawlikowski01/21/19$0.00$6.63$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/21/1911:24 AM A-1Kennedy for Illinois$1,252.59
01/21/1911:08 AM A-1Friends of Sid Ruckriegel$1,200.00
01/21/1911:03 AM D-2 (Amendment)38th Ward for Ralph Pawlikowski12/31/18$120.00$222.12$6.63$0.00$0.00
01/21/1910:54 AM D-2 (Amendment)38th Ward for Ralph Pawlikowski09/30/18$50.00$41.25$108.75$0.00$0.00
01/21/1910:04 AM A-1D86 Vote Yes On Referendum To Save$3,000.00
01/21/199:53 AM A-1Friends of Sophia King$5,000.00
01/21/199:52 AM A-1Citizens for Cappleman$1,000.00
01/21/199:40 AM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$21,000.00
01/21/199:31 AM A-1Neighbors for Jose Rico$1,000.00
01/21/199:30 AM D-2United Vision12/31/18$0.00$0.00$1,035.16$0.00$0.00
01/21/199:26 AM A-1District 86 Education First - Joanna Williams$1,000.00
01/21/197:13 AM A-1Citizens to Elect David Moore$3,000.00
01/21/1912:56 AM A-1Citizens for Antonio Tony Munoz$3,250.00
01/20/1910:43 PM D-238th Ward for Ralph Pawlikowski12/31/18$0.00$222.12$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/20/1910:10 PM D-2Working With Werden12/31/18$3,150.00$5,024.27$240.73$0.00$2,000.00
01/20/199:12 PM A-1Peoria County Democratic Central Cmte$1,000.00
01/20/198:12 PM A-1Citizens for Ervin$18,200.00
01/20/197:36 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends for Nikki Lohman12/31/18$2,737.60$6,058.95$274.18$0.00$759.16
01/20/196:03 PM A-1Citizens for Presta$1,000.00
01/20/195:09 PM A-1Friends of Terry L Matthews$1,000.00
01/20/194:16 PM A-1Maria For The 49th Ward$2,000.00
01/20/193:23 PM A-1Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman$9,000.00
01/20/192:29 PM A-1Friends of Kinnis Williams Sr$2,500.00
01/20/192:26 PM D-2Effingham County Republican Central Comm12/31/18$1,314.00$4,538.61$13,050.71$0.00$0.00
01/20/191:56 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Roger Webber12/31/18$1,090.00$32,711.67$5,618.75$0.00$40,000.00
01/20/191:52 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Roger Webber09/30/18$2,100.00$4,695.48$37,240.42$0.00$40,000.00
01/20/191:48 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Roger Webber06/30/18$649.99$990.57$39,835.90$0.00$40,000.00
01/20/191:36 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Roger Webber03/31/18$210.00$133.57$40,176.48$0.00$40,000.00
01/20/191:31 PM D-2Northwest Side Political Action Committee12/31/18$10,000.00$0.00$4,952.67$0.00$0.00
01/20/1912:36 PM A-1Friends of Dorothy Brown$7,000.00
01/20/1912:12 PM A-1Friends of North Boone Fire Protection District$10,000.00
01/20/1911:14 AM D-2Trevor Grant and Friends01/20/19$0.00$29,625.48$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/20/1910:17 AM D-2Friends of Grady Rivers Jr12/31/18$0.00$0.00$5,316.16$0.00$0.00
01/20/199:25 AM D-2Citizens for Tim Durkee12/31/18$0.00$0.00$199.81$0.00$15,335.00
01/20/197:40 AM A-1ABATE PAC A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education$1,000.00
01/20/197:24 AM A-1Friends of Matt O'Shea$1,000.00
01/19/199:53 PM A-1Illinois Insurance Assn PAC$13,047.00
01/19/199:22 PM D-2Friends of Maura Slattery Boyle12/31/18$0.00$0.00$19,009.00$0.00$0.00
01/19/195:24 PM D-2The Elk Grove Township GOP Team12/31/18$0.00$0.00$9,534.77$0.00$0.00
01/19/194:50 PM D-2Jeff Smith for Evanston12/31/18$0.00$0.00$2,516.87$0.00$0.00
01/19/194:48 PM D-2Jeff Smith for State Representative12/31/18$0.00$0.00$951.25$0.00$0.00
01/19/194:14 PM A-1Citizens for Alderman Michael Scott Jr$20,300.00
01/19/194:04 PM D-2Lake County Young Republicans12/31/18$0.00$551.00$2,789.86$0.00$0.00
01/19/193:54 PM D-2Edwards County Republican Central Cmte12/31/18$0.00$0.00$232.19$0.00$0.00
01/19/193:05 PM A-1Friends of Michele Smith$10,500.00
01/19/192:28 PM A-1Arab American Democratic Club$3,000.00
01/19/191:33 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Tim Thomas$1,750.00
01/19/191:18 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Ronald M Serpico Sr. Inc$2,500.00
01/19/1912:56 PM A-1Friends of Leslie A Hairston$8,000.00
01/19/1912:40 PM A-1People Over Politics$1,000.00
01/19/1912:31 PM D-2 (Amendment)Joan Padilla for State Representative12/31/18$39,780.00$48,268.47$6,167.33$0.00$0.00
01/19/1912:12 PM A-1Citizens for Waguespack$10,000.00
01/19/1911:57 AM A-1Friends of Michelle A Harris$12,000.00
01/19/1911:42 AM D-2Friends for Marvin McNeil12/31/18$600.00$470.88$2,506.97$0.00$0.00
01/19/1911:03 AM D-2Friends of Gerald Scott McCarthy01/19/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/19/1910:57 AM A-1Citizens for Tim Heneghan$1,000.00
01/19/1910:56 AM D-2Friends of Gerald Scott McCarthy12/31/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
01/19/1910:51 AM A-1Friends of Bill Lowry$2,500.00
01/19/1910:50 AM D-2Friends of Lee A Ross12/31/18$0.00$0.00$70.75$0.00$835.00
01/19/1910:38 AM D-2Coles County Republican Central Comm12/31/18$2,000.00$5,168.70$7,123.28$0.00$0.00
01/19/1910:33 AM A-1Neighbors for Andre$1,000.00
01/19/1910:18 AM A-1Friends of Deborah Conroy$2,000.00
01/19/199:22 AM A-1Schaumburg Township Republican Organization (STRO)$1,000.00
01/19/198:58 AM A-1Citizens for O'DeKirk$2,000.00
01/19/198:12 AM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain$2,000.00
01/18/1911:50 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Ronald M Serpico Sr. Inc$1,000.00
01/18/1911:25 PM A-1Citizens for Rita Ali$2,500.00
01/18/199:54 PM A-1Friends of Deborah Foster-Bonner$1,225.00
01/18/198:50 PM D-2Citizens for Cenar01/18/19$0.00$8,710.30$0.00$0.00$14,889.70
01/18/198:48 PM D-2Illinois Federation of Public Employees PAC12/31/18$6,264.75$1,750.00$66,070.81$0.00$0.00
01/18/198:37 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$1,000.00
01/18/198:28 PM A-1Citizens for Marty Quinn$2,000.00
01/18/198:00 PM D-2 (Amendment)Vote for Sam Cahnman12/31/18$1,332.00$468.53$953.97$0.00$169,966.01
01/18/197:59 PM D-2 (Amendment)Vote for Sam Cahnman09/30/18$0.00$73.92$90.50$0.00$169,666.01
01/18/197:59 PM A-1Susana Mendoza For Mayor$16,500.00
01/18/197:51 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Felix Cardona Jr$2,500.00
01/18/197:01 PM D-2Wabash County Republican Central Cmte12/31/18$100.00$955.02$3,531.00$0.00$0.00
01/18/196:56 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza For Comptroller$10,000.00
01/18/196:47 PM A-1Lightfoot for Chicago$28,000.00
01/18/196:13 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens For Nafees12/31/18$21,449.54$17,517.14$6,832.40$0.00$3,003.65
01/18/195:51 PM A-1Bill Daley For Mayor$389,929.86
01/18/195:18 PM A-1Friends of John Fulgenzi$1,500.00
01/18/195:17 PM A-1Friends of Tanya Patino$14,244.00