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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
02/19/208:34 AM A-1Citizens for Michelle Darbro$15,000.00
02/19/208:25 AM A-115th Ward Regular Democratic Org$1,000.00
02/19/208:23 AM D-1 (Amendment)Evanston Voter Initiative Committee
02/19/208:02 AM A-1Citizens for Waguespack$1,000.00
02/19/207:51 AM A-1Neighbors for Daniel La Spata$3,500.00
02/19/207:38 AM A-1Kendall County Democratic Party$1,500.00
02/19/206:53 AM A-1Friends of Andy Manar$3,000.00
02/19/206:53 AM A-1Vote YES for Success$2,500.00
02/19/206:46 AM D-2Citizens for Michael Ledonne02/19/20$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
02/19/206:27 AM A-1Friends of Andy Manar$3,000.00
02/19/205:10 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Laurie Summers$1,000.00
02/19/201:39 AM A-1Friends of Theresa Mah$6,000.00
02/18/2011:54 PM A-1Matthew Hartrich For Judge$20,000.00
02/18/2011:44 PM A-1Committee to Elect Robert J Lovero$4,500.00
02/18/2011:18 PM A-1Friends of Gilbert Villegas for Alderman$49,500.00
02/18/2010:27 PM A-1Citizens for Antonio Tony Munoz$14,500.00
02/18/2010:22 PM A-136th Ward PAC$1,000.00
02/18/209:42 PM A-1DuPage County Republican Central Committee$3,150.00
02/18/209:42 PM A-1Friends of Bryant Hitchings$1,000.00
02/18/209:05 PM A-1Republicans of Maine Township$1,500.00
02/18/208:55 PM A-1Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Comm$1,000.00
02/18/208:43 PM A-1Garfield for State Representative$1,000.00
02/18/207:55 PM A-1Friends of Theresa Mah$9,500.00
02/18/207:46 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Sherman C Jones12/31/19$0.00$1,200.00$2,833.34$0.00$9,673.00
02/18/207:32 PM D-2Friends of Sherman C Jones12/31/19$0.00$0.00$4,033.34$0.00$9,673.00
02/18/207:29 PM A-1Illinois Health Care Assn PAC$1,867.20
02/18/207:07 PM A-1Friends of Chase Wilhelm$1,000.00
02/18/207:06 PM B-1Vote Liberation$35,694.13
02/18/206:39 PM A-1Elsbree for Kane$3,500.00
02/18/206:33 PM A-1Friends of Barbara Hernandez$6,500.00
02/18/206:32 PM A-1Committee to Elect Tim Atkisson$1,000.00
02/18/206:25 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends For Kalish12/31/19$106,210.26$143,166.02$41,771.06$0.00$10,000.00
02/18/206:25 PM A-1Friends of Peter Breen$1,250.00
02/18/206:17 PM A-1Friends For Kalish$2,000.00
02/18/206:12 PM A-1Committee To Elect Russ Hartigan Judge$1,000.00
02/18/206:03 PM A-1Friends of Kris Wasowicz$1,500.00
02/18/205:55 PM A-1Friends For Kalish$6,500.00
02/18/205:30 PM A-18th Ward Regular Democratic Org$1,000.00
02/18/205:21 PM A-1Froy Jimenez For Senate$1,000.00
02/18/205:15 PM A-1Friends of Patti Vasquez$16,625.00
02/18/204:23 PM A-1Neighbors for Daniel La Spata$1,500.00
02/18/204:17 PM D-1 (Amendment)Illinois Insurance Assn PAC
02/18/204:12 PM B-1Illinois REALTORS Fund$36,063.31
02/18/204:10 PM A-1Republican Central Comm of McHenry County$1,000.00
02/18/204:07 PM D-2 (Amendment)Democratic Women of Kendall County IL12/31/19$155.00$2,311.95$4,046.88$0.00$0.00
02/18/204:03 PM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$466,884.76
02/18/203:50 PM D-1 (Amendment)Democratic Women of Kendall County IL
02/18/203:41 PM A-1Republican Central Comm of McHenry County
02/18/203:29 PM B-1Aileen Bhandari for Judge
02/18/203:25 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect David Moore
02/18/203:23 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Greg Schwarze12/31/19$3,425.36$2,179.06$7,247.07$0.00$125.36
02/18/203:20 PM A-1Citizens for O'Leary
02/18/203:19 PM D-1Susan Jensen For State's Attorney
02/18/203:08 PM D-2Citizens for Judge Schippers02/18/20$0.00$5,907.43$0.00$0.00$0.00
02/18/203:07 PM A-1Deidre Baumann for Judge
02/18/203:05 PM A-1Naperville for Legal Cannabis PAC$3,000.00
02/18/203:01 PM B-1Citizens to Elect David Stevens
02/18/203:01 PM A-1Friends of Heather Steans$1,000.00
02/18/202:59 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Robert Czernek
02/18/202:48 PM A-1Committee to Elect Michael Crowner
02/18/202:43 PM A-1Citizens for Nick Palmer$2,000.00
02/18/202:40 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
02/18/202:25 PM D-2Friends of Samantha02/18/20$0.00$48.92$0.00$0.00$0.00
02/18/202:17 PM LetterBroadview Progressive Party
02/18/202:13 PM A-1Friends of Robert Martwick$55,700.00
02/18/201:59 PM A-1Rosemont Voters League$3,150.00
02/18/201:51 PM A-1Friends of Kathleen Bailey
02/18/201:41 PM A-1Support Cory Eli Oshita for Circuit Court Judge$11,700.00
02/18/201:38 PM A-1Friends of Win Stoller$1,000.00
02/18/201:11 PM A-1Democratic Organization of Lyons Township$1,500.00
02/18/2012:57 PM B-1Illinois Justice & Public Safety PAC$126,943.58
02/18/2012:31 PM A-1Illinois Bankers' PAC$66,226.95
02/18/2012:10 PM A-1DeWitte for Illinois Senate$3,000.00
02/18/2012:05 PM A-1Friends of Eugene Williams$1,000.00
02/18/2012:01 PM A-1Friends of Eugene Williams$1,000.00
02/18/2012:01 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Vernard L Alsberry Jr$1,000.00
02/18/2011:40 AM A-1Citizens for Castro$8,000.00
02/18/2011:31 AM A-1Peoples Energy - PAC$23,200.00
02/18/2011:29 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$1,000.00
02/18/2011:20 AM A-1Friends to Elect Julie B Aimen for Judge$1,000.00
02/18/2011:13 AM A-1Friends of John Joseph Pcolinski. Jr for Circuit Court Judge.$2,000.00
02/18/2011:09 AM A-1Friends for Judge Nichole C Patton$13,000.00
02/18/2011:09 AM A-1The 26th Ward Democratic Organization$1,000.00
02/18/2010:11 AM A-1Friends of Laura Hois for State Rep$3,974.00
02/18/209:56 AM A-1JBD Lead Forward PAC$7,000.00
02/18/209:55 AM A-1Committee to Elect Meg Loughran Cappel
02/18/209:39 AM A-1Friends of Denyse Wang Stoneback$10,300.00
02/18/209:27 AM A-1Citizens for Linda Holmes$9,000.00
02/18/209:25 AM D-1Mark L. Justen for County Coroner
02/18/209:15 AM A-1Bennett for Senate$2,750.00
02/18/209:14 AM A-1Citizens for Durkin$23,100.00
02/18/208:50 AM D-1Friends to Elect Talbot for Coroner
02/18/208:36 AM A-1Friends of Brad Beeding
02/18/208:35 AM D-1Friends of Brad Beeding
02/18/208:24 AM D-1Friends for Gerald Cleary
02/18/208:18 AM D-1 (Amendment)Neighbors for Anne Shaw
02/18/208:07 AM D-2Phil Banaszek Campaign Fund01/01/70$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
02/18/208:05 AM A-1Citizens for a Healthy Community
02/18/207:54 AM D-2Citizens for Jonathan Stamps12/31/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
02/18/207:52 AM D-2Citizens for Jonathan Stamps09/30/19$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00