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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
10/19/172:41 PM LetterPutting Children First
10/19/172:30 PM A-1Friends of Don Harmon$37,500.00
10/19/172:19 PM D-2 (filed on paper)People to Elect Natavias Ervins
10/19/172:17 PM A-1Friends of Caroline Jamieson Golden$10,000.00
10/19/172:16 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Friends of Justin Lundgren
10/19/172:16 PM A-1Democratic Party of Oak Park$10,000.00
10/19/172:14 PM LetterFriends of Justin Lundgren
10/19/172:11 PM LetterSchiller Park First
10/19/172:07 PM A-1The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch$126,100.00
10/19/171:53 PM A-1Friends of Bridget Fitzgerald$5,734.00
10/19/171:52 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Rauner, Inc
10/19/171:28 PM A-1Democrats of Northfield Township$1,000.00
10/19/171:26 PM A-1Citizens for Luis Arroyo Jr$6,450.00
10/19/171:14 PM D-1 (Amendment)Bob Fioretti for State Senator
10/19/171:10 PM D-1 (Amendment)Bob Fioretti for State Senator
10/19/171:03 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$3,000.00
10/19/1712:55 PM D-1Citizens For Matthew J. Hunt
10/19/1712:41 PM D-1Friends of Jason Woolard
10/19/1712:21 PM A-1Friends of Heather Steans$4,000.00
10/19/1712:14 PM D-2Citizens for Bob Trojan09/30/17$0.00$75.00$648.02$0.00$0.00
10/19/1712:00 PM A-1Illinois Licensed Beverage Assn PAC (ILBA)$2,200.00
10/19/1711:13 AM A-1Citizens for Jacqueline Collins$5,000.00
10/19/1711:04 AM A-1Committee to Elect Judge Christen L Bishop$15,000.00
10/19/1710:36 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$2,500.00
10/19/1710:18 AM A-1Northeastern IL Federation of Labor AFL-CIO PAC$2,000.00
10/19/1710:17 AM A-1Illinois League of Financial Institutions PAC$11,422.50
10/19/1710:08 AM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of IL PAC$1,665.00
10/19/179:59 AM A-1Citizens for Sara Feigenholtz$6,500.00
10/19/179:55 AM A-1Citizens for Lou Lang$3,500.00
10/19/179:43 AM A-131st Ward Democratic Organization$2,000.00
10/19/179:39 AM A-1She Votes Illinois$1,000.00
10/19/179:38 AM D-2Committee To Support the 5th Ward Participatory10/19/17$0.00$100.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
10/19/179:32 AM D-2 (filed on paper)Consolidated Communications PAC, Inc-IL
10/19/179:24 AM A-1Friends of Scott Drury$2,500.00
10/19/179:13 AM D-2Friends of Martin McLaughlin09/30/17$3,727.92$0.00$6,283.44$0.00$10,000.00
10/19/179:03 AM D-2Unite Barrington Hills09/30/17$0.00$0.00$3,257.26$0.00$0.00
10/19/178:44 AM D-1Friends of Jesse Ruiz
10/19/178:30 AM A-1Friends for Fairley$6,600.00
10/19/178:29 AM D-1Rickie Thomas for Mayor
10/19/177:25 AM A-1Citizens for Luis Arroyo Jr$24,950.00
10/18/1711:19 PM D-2Indian American Republican Org09/30/17$0.00$500.00$23,122.84$0.00$0.00
10/18/1710:00 PM D-2Friends of Thomas Malesh09/30/17$0.00$0.00$1,575.00$0.00$3,014.79
10/18/179:21 PM D-2Friends to Elect Judge Caroline Kate Moreland09/30/17$0.00$447.60$6,122.41$0.00$50,000.00
10/18/178:16 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$1,500.00
10/18/178:15 PM A-1Friends of Jaime M Andrade Jr$5,500.00
10/18/178:04 PM A-1Hopkins for Chicago$2,500.00
10/18/177:41 PM A-1Friends of Juliana Stratton$3,750.00
10/18/177:31 PM A-1Sam McCann for Senate$7,000.00
10/18/177:28 PM A-1Supporters of Jack D Franks$1,000.00
10/18/177:26 PM A-1Supporters of Jack D Franks$1,000.00
10/18/177:18 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza$5,600.00
10/18/175:06 PM D-2New Friends of 14910/18/17$0.00$5,512.65$0.00$0.00$0.00
10/18/175:04 PM D-2 (Amendment)New Friends of 14909/30/17$4,820.23$0.00$5,512.65$0.00$0.00
10/18/175:00 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$3,000.00
10/18/175:00 PM A-1Chicago Teachers Union PAC (Illinois Federation of Teachers)$1,500.00
10/18/174:57 PM A-1Ioana Salajanu for Judge$3,000.00
10/18/174:54 PM A-1Personal PAC Inc$3,545.00
10/18/174:54 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for Emil Jones09/30/17$0.00$14,388.00$91,536.98$0.00$0.00
10/18/174:37 PM D-2Friends of Ben Stratemeyer09/30/17$25.00$92.45$0.25$0.00$0.00
10/18/174:02 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Alexander Paterakis for Illinois
10/18/173:59 PM A-1 (filed on paper)The Illinois Korean American Republican Organization
10/18/173:56 PM A-1Friends of Michael J Madigan
10/18/173:54 PM D-2Friends for Starrett09/30/17$0.00$0.00$136.35$0.00$4,400.00
10/18/173:52 PM D-1Cause and Effect Chicago PAC
10/18/173:47 PM A-1Friends for Fairley$1,000.00
10/18/173:39 PM D-2Citizens to Elect Judge Hall09/30/17$100.00$2,040.52$9,025.48$0.00$0.00
10/18/173:37 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Judge Hall06/30/17$11,000.00$34.00$10,966.00$0.00$0.00
10/18/173:19 PM A-1Democratic Majority$55,100.00
10/18/172:57 PM D-1All In For Adrienne
10/18/172:21 PM A-1Silverstein for Senator$4,000.00
10/18/172:05 PM D-2 (Amendment) (filed on paper)Citizens to Elect Janice Jones
10/18/172:04 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$46,007.00
10/18/172:00 PM A-1Committee to Elect Robert J Lovero$3,300.00
10/18/171:09 PM D-1Citizens for Bovard
10/18/1712:57 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Committee to Elect Marty P Leffler
10/18/1712:56 PM D-2 (filed on paper)One Long Grove
10/18/1712:55 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Citizens For W.L. Lindsay, Will For
10/18/1712:47 PM D-2The Illinois Korean American Republican Organization09/30/17$12,000.00$0.00$12,000.00$0.00$0.00
10/18/1712:08 PM A-1SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana PAC$228,745.00
10/18/1711:56 AM A-1Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE$40,006.40
10/18/1711:50 AM A-1Oran F Whiting for Judge$2,439.94
10/18/1711:47 AM A-1INCS Action Independent Committee$62,000.00
10/18/1711:42 AM A-1INCS Action PAC$11,100.00
10/18/1711:35 AM D-1 (Amendment)Iron Workers Local 498 PAC
10/18/1711:23 AM D-1Friends of Darlene Kloeppel
10/18/1711:13 AM A-1Friends of Jason Barickman$1,000.00
10/18/1711:12 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Jim Vehrs
10/18/1711:06 AM A-1Friends of Curtis J Tarver ll$1,000.00
10/18/1711:05 AM A-1Rock Island County Democratic Central Cmte$1,000.00
10/18/1710:52 AM D-2 (Amendment)Democratic Women of the South Suburbs09/30/17$3,371.78$5,184.39$7,903.36$0.00$0.00
10/18/1710:47 AM A-1Caruana for Winnebago County Sheriff$3,000.00
10/18/1710:46 AM D-2 (Amendment)Better Government for Alsip09/30/17$0.00$1,840.80$3,424.96$0.00$0.00
10/18/1710:34 AM A-1Committee to Elect Judge Joel Berg$1,638.00
10/18/1710:34 AM A-1International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC$75,154.72
10/18/1710:31 AM A-1Citizens for Cappleman$1,000.00
10/18/1710:03 AM A-123rd Ward Regular Democratic Organization$7,300.00
10/18/179:28 AM A-1Friends of Michele Smith$2,500.00
10/18/179:06 AM LetterWheatland Twp Republican Org
10/18/178:41 AM D-2Illinois Valley Democratic Women09/30/17$0.00$0.00$894.96$0.00$0.00
10/18/178:40 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Friends of John Idleburg