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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
12/05/215:02 AM A-134th Ward Democratic Organization
12/04/211:45 PM A-1Carmen For Sheriff
12/04/211:32 PM A-1Friends of Josina Morita
12/04/2112:39 PM A-1Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Union Council PAC
12/04/2111:44 AM A-1Friends of Michael D Rodriguez$4,000.00
12/04/219:57 AM A-1Friends for Randy Frese
12/04/219:18 AM A-1Friends of Dan Brady
12/04/218:10 AM A-1Friends of Ryan Spain
12/04/2112:08 AM A-1Friends of Barbara Hernandez
12/03/219:23 PM A-1Democrats for the Illinois House
12/03/219:21 PM A-1Elect Jim Rasor
12/03/219:06 PM A-1Friends of Chris Taliaferro
12/03/216:12 PM A-1Friends of Matt Martin
12/03/215:25 PM A-1Elect Dan McConchie
12/03/215:12 PM A-1Light PAC
12/03/215:03 PM A-1Carlos for Chicago
12/03/214:35 PM A-1Citizens to Elect LaShawn K Ford State Representative
12/03/214:24 PM A-1Friends of Kari Steele
12/03/214:22 PM A-1Friends of Dave Severin
12/03/214:11 PM A-1Citizens for Kurt Prenzler
12/03/213:26 PM A-1UFCW Local 881 PAC
12/03/213:23 PM D-1Friends of Jill Otte
12/03/213:10 PM A-1The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch
12/03/213:06 PM A-1Friends of Robert "Bob" Rita
12/03/213:06 PM A-1Committee To Elect Adam Niemerg
12/03/212:55 PM A-1Judge Cruz for Justice
12/03/212:39 PM D-1Elect Jim Rasor
12/03/212:23 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Mike Kelly
12/03/211:57 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$2,000.00
12/03/211:32 PM A-1Friends of Omar Aquino$5,500.00
12/03/211:22 PM A-1Citizens for Laura M Murphy
12/03/211:09 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Morrison
12/03/2112:57 PM A-1Vote Yes for Clean Air, Clean Water, and
12/03/2112:35 PM A-1Schaumburg Township Republican Organization (STRO)
12/03/2111:58 AM A-1Illinois Hospital Assn PAC (IHA PAC)
12/03/2111:18 AM A-1Friends for Eva Dina Delgado
12/03/2111:01 AM A-1Elizabeth M Rochford For Illinois Supreme Court 2022
12/03/2110:19 AM A-1DeWitte for Illinois Senate
12/03/2110:17 AM LetterCitizens for Noverini
12/03/2110:10 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc
12/03/2110:09 AM A-1Citizens for Sara Feigenholtz
12/03/219:59 AM A-1Chelsea Laliberte for Illinois
12/03/219:47 AM A-1Personal PAC Independent Committee
12/03/219:19 AM A-1Irvin for Aurora
12/03/218:25 AM D-1Jodie Badman for Christian County Clerk
12/03/218:09 AM A-1Ironworkers District Council of Chicago & Vicinity PAC
12/03/217:31 AM A-1Friends of Bob Morgan
12/03/2112:04 AM A-1Friends of Dan Pogorzelski
12/02/217:40 PM A-1Sangamon County Young Democrats
12/02/216:33 PM A-1Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Union Council PAC
12/02/216:04 PM A-1Kankakee County Democratic Central Cmte
12/02/214:15 PM A-1Citizens for Alderman Michael Scott Jr
12/02/214:13 PM A-124th Ward Democratic Organization
12/02/214:04 PM D-2Friends of Yoni Pizer12/02/21$0.00$119.96$0.00$0.00$0.00
12/02/213:46 PM A-1Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Assn LU #73 State PAC
12/02/213:27 PM A-1United with Delia
12/02/213:20 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Pat Dowell
12/02/213:19 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Patricia Van Pelt09/30/21$0.00$2,821.13$1,970.66$5,058.75$950.00
12/02/213:18 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Patricia Van Pelt06/30/21$400.00$2,096.80$4,791.79$5,058.75$950.00
12/02/213:16 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Patricia Van Pelt03/31/21$4,000.00$12,261.86$6,488.59$5,058.75$950.00
12/02/211:44 PM A-1Friends of Robert "Bob" Rita$15,000.00
12/02/211:30 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Timothy W Wright III
12/02/211:21 PM A-1Downstate Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC
12/02/211:04 PM A-1Sheet Metal Workers' Intl Assn LU #73 State PAC$4,000.00
12/02/2111:15 AM A-1Illinois Hospital Assn PAC (IHA PAC)
12/02/2110:21 AM D-2Exelon Generation Company Political Action Committee (ExGenPAC)12/01/21$0.00$2,300.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
12/02/2110:10 AM A-1Citizens for Linda Holmes$20,000.00
12/02/219:54 AM D-1 (Amendment)IL Assn of Mutual Ins Companies Farm Mutual PAC
12/02/219:50 AM A-1East St Louis Democratic Central Committee
12/02/219:48 AM A-1Fueling Illinois Political Action Committee
12/02/219:18 AM A-1Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR
12/02/219:15 AM A-1Hart for DuPage
12/02/219:06 AM A-1DeWitte for Illinois Senate
12/02/219:02 AM A-1People for Cristina
12/02/218:30 AM D-2Southwest Suburban GOP Club12/31/69$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
12/02/217:16 AM A-1Friends of Win Stoller
12/01/2111:28 PM A-1Zalewski for State Representative
12/01/2110:39 PM D-2Citizens for Beiser12/01/21$1,886.29$8,759.88$0.00$0.00$0.00
12/01/218:28 PM A-1Friends of Paul O'Grady
12/01/218:23 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Justice Michael J Burke
12/01/216:46 PM A-1Citizens for Pat Dowell
12/01/216:23 PM A-1Citizens for McCullagh
12/01/214:52 PM A-1Friends of Bill Lowry
12/01/214:05 PM A-118th Ward Democratic Org
12/01/213:48 PM A-1Vaughan 4 Justice
12/01/212:51 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Emma Mitts
12/01/212:47 PM A-1Lake County Democratic Women
12/01/212:42 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Timothy W Wright III
12/01/212:18 PM D-1Friends of Mike Kelly
12/01/212:13 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Shawn Allen
12/01/212:13 PM A-1Tazewell County Democratic Central Cmte
12/01/212:13 PM A-1Associated General Contractors of IL PAC
12/01/211:34 PM A-1Friends for Koula Alevizos Fournier$9,500.00
12/01/211:10 PM A-1Friends for Donna Miller
12/01/2112:59 PM A-1Lake County Democrats
12/01/2111:36 AM A-127th Ward Reg Democratic Org
12/01/2111:31 AM D-2 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Dr Paul Jacobs09/30/21$25,011.91$16,271.02$50,043.86$0.00$15,488.45
12/01/2111:16 AM A-1Citizens for Charlie Meier
12/01/2111:12 AM A-1Irvin for Aurora
12/01/2110:09 AM A-1IOGA PAC