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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
11/28/239:04 PM A-1Neighbors for Angela Clay$1,500.00
11/28/238:49 PM A-1Houlihan Campaign Fund$19,000.00
11/28/238:13 PM A-1Leaders for Tomorrow (L4T)$10,800.00
11/28/238:09 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative
11/28/235:40 PM A-1WSTU COPE-PAC 571 Cope Fund$11,055.00
11/28/235:36 PM A-1Friends of Robert "Bob" Rita$3,993.00
11/28/235:06 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Felix Cardona Jr$8,500.00
11/28/234:39 PM A-1Dent-IL-PAC, the Political Action Comm of the IL State Dental Society$16,000.00
11/28/234:18 PM D-1Committee for Rukstales
11/28/234:12 PM A-1Friends of Don Harmon for State Senate$4,502.00
11/28/233:32 PM A-1Northern Illinois American Muslim Alliance (NIAMA)$5,000.00
11/28/232:49 PM A-1Dr Dave For Illinois$2,250.00
11/28/232:39 PM A-1Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists PAC$1,000.00
11/28/232:17 PM D-2Friends of Ricardo D Spivey
11/28/231:57 PM A-1Committee to Elect Mark S Goodwin$1,500.00
11/28/231:22 PM A-1Worth Township Democratic Organization$2,000.00
11/28/2312:59 PM A-1All in With Lilian$5,500.00
11/28/2312:50 PM A-1Illinois State Medical Society PAC$48,000.00
11/28/2312:49 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$3,207.00
11/28/2312:21 PM A-1Citizens for Jackie Williamson$3,000.00
11/28/2312:00 PM D-1 (Amendment)Kane County Republican Central Cmte
11/28/2312:00 PM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$1,000.00
11/28/2311:57 AM D-2OneMorton for D201 School Board
11/28/2311:50 AM A-1Friends of Corinne C Heggie$1,000.00
11/28/2311:42 AM D-1 (Amendment)Bob For Cook
11/28/2311:24 AM D-1Friends of Nick Meyer
11/28/2311:11 AM D-1Neighbors for Che-Che
11/28/2311:02 AM A-1Kane County Republican Central Cmte$8,888.00
11/28/2310:55 AM A-1Mary Beth Canty for Illinois$2,000.00
11/28/2310:43 AM A-1Joyce for Senate$14,750.00
11/28/2310:36 AM A-1Friends for Debra Silverstein$1,500.00
11/28/2310:09 AM A-1American Federation of Teachers Local 604 COPE$2,500.00
11/28/239:30 AM A-1Citizens For Suzanne Ness$2,000.00
11/28/239:08 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for O'DeKirk
11/28/239:05 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for O'DeKirk
11/28/239:04 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens for O'DeKirk
11/28/238:16 AM A-1IBEW Local 176 Voluntary PAC$7,718.80
11/28/238:04 AM D-2Friends of Julian Perez
11/28/231:11 AM A-1Friends for Owens J Shelby$1,000.00
11/27/2311:01 PM A-1Illinois ACRE$7,770.17
11/27/2310:15 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$8,000.00
11/27/239:20 PM A-1Friends of Christopher Belt$8,304.56
11/27/239:10 PM A-1Friends of Natalie Manley$21,500.00
11/27/237:52 PM A-1Friends of Gregg Johnson$33,000.00
11/27/236:17 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$8,000.00
11/27/234:57 PM A-1Committee to Elect Terri Bryant$1,000.00
11/27/234:53 PM A-1Friends of Tracy Katz Muhl$1,000.00
11/27/234:46 PM A-1Friends of Barrett F Pedersen$1,000.00
11/27/233:27 PM A-1Citizens for Greg Schwarze$2,500.00
11/27/233:12 PM A-1McLean County Democratic Central Comm$1,000.00
11/27/233:10 PM A-1Citizens for Laura M Murphy$45,500.00
11/27/233:09 PM A-1Chesney for Illinois$1,000.00
11/27/232:55 PM A-1Citizens for Chris Slusser$1,000.00
11/27/232:45 PM A-1Citizens for Chris Miller$2,500.00
11/27/232:41 PM A-1Citizens for Mariyana Spyropoulos$1,000.00
11/27/232:32 PM A-1Citizens for Cassidy$2,000.00
11/27/232:28 PM A-1Citizens for Sara Feigenholtz$11,000.00
11/27/232:23 PM A-1Citizens for Chris Miller$1,250.00
11/27/232:11 PM A-1Citizens for Chris Miller$5,000.00
11/27/232:11 PM A-1Friends for Debra Silverstein$10,000.00
11/27/232:05 PM A-1IUOE Local 399 Political Education Fund$7,500.00
11/27/231:54 PM A-1Peoria Firefighters Local 50 PAC$1,418.96
11/27/231:48 PM A-1Friends of Kim DuBuclet$9,000.00
11/27/231:35 PM A-1DeWitte for Illinois Senate$2,500.00
11/27/231:31 PM A-1Maria For The 49th Ward$1,000.00
11/27/231:17 PM A-1Friends of Dave Koehler$3,000.00
11/27/2312:50 PM A-1Illinois Hospital Assn PAC (IHA PAC)$3,720.00
11/27/2312:39 PM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$1,000.00
11/27/2312:24 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Tom Dailly
11/27/2312:24 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Tom Dailly
11/27/2312:18 PM A-1Friends of Cindy Cronin Cahill$1,000.00
11/27/2311:59 AM A-1Citizens for Hammond$5,000.00
11/27/2311:52 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$2,500.00
11/27/2311:43 AM A-1Citizens for Hauter$4,000.00
11/27/2311:40 AM D-1Sally Owens for Senate
11/27/2311:29 AM D-1Friends of Christian Hale
11/27/2311:16 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Naema Abraham
11/27/2311:11 AM A-1United Citizens Party$7,000.00
11/27/2310:59 AM D-2 (Amendment)Paul F Kuhns for Effingham Co Sheriff
11/27/2310:59 AM D-2 (Amendment)Paul F Kuhns for Effingham Co Sheriff
11/27/2310:58 AM D-2 (Amendment)Paul F Kuhns for Effingham Co Sheriff
11/27/2310:50 AM A-1Grum For Lake County$7,500.00
11/27/2310:46 AM D-1 (Amendment)Committee to Elect Arad Boxenbaum
11/27/2310:35 AM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Lori Grubbs
11/27/2310:21 AM A-1Committee to Elect Justice Cynthia Y Cobbs$7,500.00
11/27/2310:02 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$3,500.00
11/27/239:45 AM A-1Friends of Judge Chantelle Porter$1,000.00
11/27/239:45 AM A-1Dave Syverson Campaign Committee$5,000.00
11/27/239:40 AM A-1Friends of David Gonzalez$5,000.00
11/27/239:40 AM A-1Ashley Worby for State's Attorney$1,000.00
11/27/239:33 AM A-1Friends of John Curran$1,000.00
11/27/239:17 AM A-1Friends of Stephanie Kifowit$14,500.00
11/27/239:02 AM A-1Friends of Travis Weaver$7,320.50
11/27/237:25 AM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Peter Chico for Alderman
11/26/239:39 PM A-1North Riverside United 23$1,000.00
11/26/239:16 PM D-2Neighbors for a Better Roselle Supporting
11/26/238:08 PM A-1Lamont Robinson For Alderman$44,199.54
11/26/234:55 PM A-1Fairman for Judge$4,500.00
11/26/233:42 PM A-1Friends for Redpath$1,000.00
11/26/2312:59 PM D-2Friends of Elizabeth Jones