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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
05/28/2211:57 AM A-1Friends of Fran Hurley
05/28/2211:18 AM A-1Friends of Tim Butler
05/28/2211:05 AM A-1Peters for Illinois
05/28/2210:54 AM D-2Bill Durkin Campaign Fund05/28/22$0.00$802.82$0.00$0.00$0.00
05/28/2210:45 AM A-1Friends of Tim Butler
05/28/229:44 AM A-1Committee to Elect Shannon Teresi
05/28/228:56 AM A-1Friends of Jeff Deppe
05/28/228:12 AM A-1Friends of Dominic J Buttitta, Jr
05/28/228:02 AM A-1Friends of Judge Chris Kennedy
05/28/227:32 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Vernard L Alsberry Jr
05/28/222:12 AM A-1Friends of Doris Turner
05/28/2212:21 AM A-1Citizens for John M Cabello
05/27/2211:28 PM A-1Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman
05/27/2210:05 PM A-1Friends for Susana Mendoza For Comptroller
05/27/2210:00 PM A-1Friends of Dave Severin
05/27/229:58 PM A-1Friends of Pam Monetti
05/27/229:46 PM A-1Citizens for Mariyana Spyropoulos
05/27/228:24 PM A-1Brian Wadsworth for Boone County Sheriff
05/27/227:50 PM A-1Friends of Matt Martin
05/27/227:39 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Jeffrey Tuminello
05/27/226:59 PM A-1Citizens for John C. Milhiser
05/27/226:58 PM A-1Irvin For Illinois
05/27/226:58 PM A-1Committee to Elect Shannon Teresi
05/27/226:06 PM A-1Citizens for Pat Dowell$1,000.00
05/27/225:55 PM A-1Friends of Cabonargi
05/27/225:46 PM A-1Friends of Kari Steele
05/27/225:32 PM A-1Friends of Dan Calandriello
05/27/225:28 PM A-1Friends to Elect Kathleen Willis
05/27/225:23 PM A-1Carlos for Chicago
05/27/225:09 PM A-1Sullivan for Illinois NFP
05/27/225:08 PM A-1Elizabeth M Rochford For Illinois Supreme Court 2022
05/27/225:06 PM A-1Chelsea Laliberte for Illinois$1,000.00
05/27/225:01 PM B-1People Who Play By The Rules PAC
05/27/225:00 PM A-1Fowler for Senate
05/27/224:47 PM A-1Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Comm
05/27/224:32 PM A-1Wilson Vazquez for Illinois Senate
05/27/224:22 PM A-1Calvin for Committeeman
05/27/224:21 PM A-1Friends of Eileen Dordek
05/27/224:17 PM A-1Friends of Eli Nicolosi
05/27/224:02 PM A-1Naperville Township Republican Org
05/27/223:50 PM A-1Mia McPherson for Circuit Court Judge
05/27/223:42 PM A-1Fowler for Senate
05/27/223:29 PM A-1Friends for Sonni Choi Williams
05/27/223:16 PM A-1Friends of Edgar Gonzalez Jr
05/27/223:07 PM A-1Lake County Republican Federation$9,900.00
05/27/222:53 PM A-1AFSCME Illinois Council 31 PAC
05/27/222:48 PM A-1Sangamon County Farm Bureau Pol Involvement Cmte
05/27/222:47 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Morrison
05/27/222:46 PM A-1Friends of Robert Martwick
05/27/222:41 PM D-1Friends of Patrick D Thompson for Alderman
05/27/222:31 PM A-1Nancy Rotering for Justice
05/27/222:24 PM A-1People For Mark Luft
05/27/221:57 PM A-1Citizens for Alderman Reilly
05/27/221:56 PM A-1Melinda Bush for Central Committee
05/27/221:50 PM A-1Friends of Omar Aquino
05/27/221:47 PM A-1Palos Township Democratic Organization
05/27/221:44 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Chelsey Renece Robinson for Judge
05/27/221:38 PM A-1Friends of Christine Svenson
05/27/221:27 PM A-1Citizens for Dan Ugaste
05/27/221:11 PM A-1Friends of Anthony Napolitano$2,500.00
05/27/221:10 PM A-1Citizens to Elect LaShawn K Ford State Representative
05/27/221:05 PM A-1People For Mark Luft
05/27/221:05 PM A-1Hart for DuPage
05/27/2212:54 PM A-1Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC$2,500.00
05/27/2212:48 PM A-1Friends of Jeff Deppe$10,000.00
05/27/2212:47 PM A-1People for Laura Faver Dias
05/27/2212:38 PM A-1Friends to Elect Terra Costa Howard
05/27/2212:29 PM A-1Friends for Eric Mattson
05/27/2212:27 PM A-1Friends for Gary Seyring
05/27/2212:16 PM A-1Palatine Township Republican Organization$2,000.00
05/27/2212:11 PM A-1Yes for a Larger and Safer School
05/27/2212:03 PM A-1Committee to Elect John Connor Judge
05/27/2211:59 AM A-1Friends of Denyse Wang Stoneback
05/27/2211:48 AM A-1Preckwinkle for President
05/27/2211:48 AM A-1Raines-Welch for Judge
05/27/2211:37 AM A-1Friends For Kyle Ham
05/27/2211:31 AM A-1Citizens for Hammond
05/27/2211:25 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Vernard L Alsberry Jr
05/27/2211:17 AM A-1Friends of Dan Swanson
05/27/2211:07 AM A-1Friends 4 Jimenez
05/27/2211:07 AM A-1Will County Republican Central Comm$3,500.00
05/27/2210:48 AM D-1Citizens For Wes Poggenpohl
05/27/2210:48 AM A-1Hart for DuPage
05/27/2210:39 AM A-1Illinois Bankers' PAC$1,125.00
05/27/2210:39 AM LetterLangfelder for Recorder
05/27/2210:36 AM A-1Friends of Jaylin D McClinton
05/27/2210:29 AM A-1Friends of Win Stoller
05/27/2210:08 AM A-1Citizens to Elect Chelsey Renece Robinson for Judge
05/27/2210:06 AM A-1Help Lynn Win
05/27/2210:04 AM D-1On Track Illinois PAC
05/27/2210:02 AM A-1International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC
05/27/229:56 AM D-1Elect James Mitchell
05/27/229:43 AM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Elect Andre Thapedi12/31/69$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
05/27/229:41 AM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
05/27/229:32 AM A-1Republican State Senate Campaign Committee
05/27/229:15 AM A-1Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC
05/27/229:02 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee
05/27/228:58 AM A-1Committee To Elect Josef Michael Carr
05/27/228:47 AM A-1Committee to Elect Dr Paul Jacobs
05/27/228:46 AM A-1Citizens for Michael E Hastings