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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
12/15/179:52 AM A-1Caroline for Illinois$1,000.00
12/15/179:48 AM A-1Friends of John C D'Amico$4,000.00
12/15/179:32 AM A-1The Committee to Elect Colleen Reardon Daly$2,500.00
12/15/179:30 AM A-1Friends of Jonathan Carroll$1,000.00
12/15/179:21 AM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of IL PAC$39,746.00
12/15/179:19 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$1,000.00
12/15/179:19 AM A-144th Ward Regular Democratic Org$1,500.00
12/15/178:38 AM A-1Citizens for Pamela J Althoff$1,500.00
12/15/178:16 AM A-1Friends of Mike Halpin$44,400.00
12/15/178:09 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Kinzler for Illinois
12/15/178:06 AM A-1Friends of Robyn Gabel$2,000.00
12/15/177:34 AM A-1Friends of Nancy$2,500.00
12/15/177:20 AM A-1Local 943 PAC$3,314.85
12/15/173:19 AM A-1Friends of Christian Mitchell$9,000.00
12/14/1711:26 PM A-1Bailey for Illinois$1,500.00
12/14/178:14 PM A-1Friends of Cabonargi$9,000.00
12/14/178:07 PM A-1Friends to Elect Toni L Foulkes$4,000.00
12/14/177:55 PM A-1John Fritchey for Us$2,000.00
12/14/176:56 PM A-1Friends for Arthur Turner II$1,000.00
12/14/176:33 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Anthony Beale$11,000.00
12/14/176:20 PM A-1Friends of Ken Idstein$1,875.00
12/14/174:49 PM A-1Friends of Robert Martwick$76,570.00
12/14/174:21 PM D-1Committee to Elect Dr. Paul Jacobs
12/14/174:15 PM A-1Friends of Dan Brady$1,000.00
12/14/174:08 PM A-1 (filed on paper)Friends For Todd Randich
12/14/174:04 PM A-1Friends of Dan Brady$1,000.00
12/14/173:06 PM A-1JP for 42$1,000.00
12/14/172:58 PM A-1Citizens for Gregory Harris$4,000.00
12/14/172:54 PM A-124th Ward Democratic Organization$6,000.00
12/14/172:50 PM D-2 (Amendment)Ameya Pawar for Governor12/14/17$3,472.18$263,360.63$0.00$0.00$0.00
12/14/172:35 PM A-1Republican State Senate Campaign Committee$6,250.00
12/14/172:25 PM A-1Manufacturers PAC (MPAC)$20,000.00
12/14/172:18 PM D-1Friends For Marc A. Griffin
12/14/172:16 PM A-1Barbara Wheeler 64$1,000.00
12/14/171:54 PM A-1Friends to Elect Michael Glotz$2,000.00
12/14/1712:55 PM D-2 (filed on paper)Sankofa Restoration Project - Howard Wright
12/14/1712:48 PM A-1Citizens For Bridget Degnen$6,000.00
12/14/1712:42 PM A-1Committee to Elect Sheri Jesiel$1,000.00
12/14/1712:32 PM A-1Friends of Cabonargi$5,000.00
12/14/1712:16 PM A-1Friends of Chuck Weaver$1,000.00
12/14/1712:10 PM A-1Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee$1,500.00
12/14/1711:38 AM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois$77,200.00
12/14/1711:34 AM A-1Ameren IL PAC$4,864.91
12/14/1711:23 AM A-1Bob for Cook County$2,500.00
12/14/1710:41 AM A-1Friends of Thomas McNamara$10,000.00
12/14/1710:17 AM LetterCitizens for Ford
12/14/1710:15 AM A-1Friends for Fairley$3,000.00
12/14/1710:12 AM A-1Alexandra for Illinois$1,000.00
12/14/1710:05 AM A-1Democratic Majority$57,200.00
12/14/179:52 AM A-1Palatine Township Republican Organization$1,000.00
12/14/179:47 AM A-1Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate$26,850.00
12/14/179:46 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of John Curran
12/14/179:44 AM A-1Friends of Michael J Madigan$21,200.00
12/14/179:43 AM A-1Senate Democratic Victory Fund$48,900.00
12/14/179:09 AM D-1Friends of David L. Kelly
12/14/178:59 AM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$3,580.00
12/14/178:58 AM A-1Citizens for Renato$1,000.00
12/14/178:49 AM D-1Elect Patrick Harlan
12/14/178:49 AM A-1Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Assn$6,808.75
12/14/178:44 AM A-1Illinois Hospital Assn PAC (IHA PAC)$2,500.00
12/14/178:35 AM D-1Frausto-Sandoval for Judge
12/14/178:25 AM A-1Citizens for Tunney$1,500.00
12/14/178:19 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Ellman for IL Senate D21
12/14/178:12 AM A-1Friends of Nancy$1,000.00
12/14/178:05 AM A-1Citizens for Lou Lang$28,500.00
12/13/1711:35 PM A-1Neighbors for Ed Underhill$2,500.00
12/13/1710:31 PM A-1Citizens for Antonio Tony Munoz$3,000.00
12/13/1710:05 PM A-1Friends of Iris Y Martinez$5,000.00
12/13/179:53 PM A-1Friends for Donna Miller$1,000.00
12/13/179:48 PM A-1Friends of Marilyn$1,000.00
12/13/179:40 PM A-1Friends of Kari Steele$1,000.00
12/13/179:17 PM A-1IL 93rd for Joshua L Griffith$1,875.00
12/13/179:06 PM A-1McCombie for Illinois$1,000.00
12/13/179:01 PM A-1Committee to Elect Joseph Berrios Assessor$17,000.00
12/13/178:31 PM A-1Friends for State Rep Anthony DeLuca$3,000.00
12/13/178:30 PM A-1Friends of Dart$1,150.00
12/13/177:58 PM A-1Friends to Elect Toni L Foulkes$3,000.00
12/13/177:41 PM A-1Citizens for Michael E Hastings$4,000.00
12/13/177:13 PM A-1William Davis for State Representative$19,600.00
12/13/175:00 PM A-1Summers for Chicago$3,000.00
12/13/174:55 PM A-1Friends of Michelle Mussman$118,670.00
12/13/174:55 PM A-1Citizens for Bridget Gainer$1,000.00
12/13/174:51 PM A-1Citizens for Alderman Reilly$32,250.00
12/13/174:41 PM A-1Citizens for Gary Grasso$5,000.00
12/13/174:37 PM A-1Cause the Effect Chicago PAC$22,000.00
12/13/174:36 PM A-142nd Ward Democratic Org$13,500.00
12/13/174:16 PM A-1Barbara Flynn Currie for State Representative Cmte$9,000.00
12/13/173:35 PM A-1Committee to Elect Dan Caulkins$1,000.00
12/13/173:32 PM A-1Citizens for Rauner, Inc$2,500.00
12/13/173:13 PM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Cullen L Cullen09/30/17$0.85$550.00$3,246.07$0.00$0.00
12/13/173:08 PM D-1Chicago City Council Women's Caucus c/o Progressive Solutions
12/13/173:02 PM A-1Friends of Susan Sadlowski Garza$1,000.00
12/13/173:01 PM A-1Friends of Susan Sadlowski Garza$1,000.00
12/13/172:49 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Bob Bodach
12/13/172:37 PM D-1Friends of Shirley Bell
12/13/172:33 PM A-111th Ward Democratic Party Campaign Committee$4,500.00
12/13/172:33 PM A-1Preckwinkle for President$1,000.00
12/13/172:26 PM D-1Elect Clint Taylor for Sheriff Committee
12/13/172:12 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Amy Grant
12/13/172:06 PM A-1Friends for Fairley$1,000.00