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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
07/20/1810:59 PM D-2Citizens to Elect Lewis W Powell III06/30/18$0.00$0.00$879.69$0.00$0.00
07/20/1810:01 PM A-1Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman$14,500.00
07/20/189:59 PM A-1Friends of Scott Britton$28,000.00
07/20/189:34 PM A-1Paul Vallas for All Chicago$5,000.00
07/20/189:19 PM A-1Friends of Jonathan Carroll$1,000.00
07/20/189:02 PM A-1Friends of Natalie Phelps Finnie$5,000.00
07/20/188:41 PM A-1Peoria County Democratic Central Cmte$44,687.50
07/20/187:38 PM A-1Green For Chicago$17,000.00
07/20/187:21 PM A-1Citizens for Brian W Stewart$2,000.00
07/20/186:55 PM A-1Julie Morrison for State Senate$1,000.00
07/20/186:00 PM A-1Macon County Democratic Central Cmte$25,375.00
07/20/185:39 PM A-1Lightfoot for Chicago$7,750.00
07/20/185:39 PM A-1Arroyo Open PAC$15,500.00
07/20/185:38 PM A-1Friends of Laura Fine$2,000.00
07/20/185:35 PM A-1Committee to Elect Tyler R Edmonds$2,000.00
07/20/184:19 PM D-2Friends of Res Vazquez06/30/18$0.00$0.00$3,214.03$0.00$5,020.00
07/20/184:16 PM A-1Citizens for Michael E Hastings$3,500.00
07/20/184:09 PM D-2Neighbors to Elect Betts for Judge07/20/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$10,152.63
07/20/184:07 PM D-2Neighbors to Elect Betts for Judge06/30/18$0.00$1,923.92$0.00$0.00$10,152.63
07/20/184:06 PM A-1Friends of Nicholas Smith$2,000.00
07/20/184:03 PM A-1Friends of Shirley Bell$1,500.00
07/20/184:03 PM A-1Jones for State Representative$1,908.66
07/20/183:57 PM A-1Citizens for Rauner, Inc$58,500.00
07/20/183:56 PM A-1Chicago for Rahm Emanuel$68,500.00
07/20/183:55 PM A-1Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois PAC$22,200.00
07/20/183:54 PM A-1IBEW Local 176 Voluntary PAC$5,551.91
07/20/183:43 PM A-1Committee to Elect Tom Templeton$1,000.00
07/20/183:40 PM A-1Citizens for Bridget Gainer$21,200.00
07/20/183:35 PM D-2Citizens to Elect Carmelita P Earls 28th Ward Alderman06/30/18$0.00$0.00$156.67$0.00$11,050.00
07/20/183:29 PM A-1Cause the Effect Chicago PAC$17,000.00
07/20/183:23 PM D-1Chicago Victory PAC
07/20/183:19 PM D-2 (Amendment)Elect John Wasik for Lake County Board-District 606/30/18$11,632.53$1,714.51$11,032.42$0.00$0.00
07/20/183:04 PM D-2 (Amendment) (filed on paper)Brittany Miller for County Clerk
07/20/183:04 PM D-2 (Amendment)Progesssive Action PAC06/30/18$5,300.00$4,950.00$350.00$0.00$0.00
07/20/182:55 PM D-2Friends of Don Jones06/30/18$400.00$1,741.70$2,014.67$0.00$0.00
07/20/182:49 PM A-1Democratic Central Cmte of Stephenson County$26,837.50
07/20/182:45 PM A-1Senate Democratic Victory Fund$33,900.00
07/20/182:41 PM A-1 (filed on paper)Union County Democratic Committee
07/20/182:39 PM D-2Committee to Elect Judge Robert P LeChien07/20/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$4,450.00
07/20/182:38 PM D-2Committee to Elect Judge Robert P LeChien06/30/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$4,450.00
07/20/182:37 PM D-2Citizens for Ubi O'Neal06/30/18$1,000.00$1,000.00$1,500.00$0.00$42,933.00
07/20/182:36 PM D-2Citizens for Ubi O'Neal03/31/18$29,933.00$29,933.00$1,500.00$0.00$41,933.00
07/20/182:32 PM A-1Rock Island County Democratic Central Cmte$7,800.00
07/20/182:27 PM A-1Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate$3,500.00
07/20/182:00 PM A-1Friends of Kevin Morrison$28,000.00
07/20/181:53 PM A-1Chesney for Illinois$2,500.00
07/20/181:46 PM A-1Sangamon County Democratic Central Cmte$48,125.00
07/20/181:33 PM A-1Friends for McPhillips$1,000.00
07/20/181:32 PM D-2Integrity Party06/30/18$0.00$1,470.28$13,052.20$0.00$0.00
07/20/181:25 PM D-2Citizens for Tim Durkee06/30/18$0.00$0.00$199.81$0.00$15,335.00
07/20/181:19 PM A-1Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Assn PAC$1,050.00
07/20/181:06 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Chelsey R Robinson for Judge of 2nd06/30/18$0.00$0.00$44.35$0.00$0.00
07/20/181:04 PM D-2 (Amendment)Citizens to Chelsey R Robinson for Judge of 2nd03/31/18$7,314.12$7,270.41$44.35$0.00$0.00
07/20/1812:24 PM D-2JUSTPAC, the Political Action Committee of the IL Civil07/20/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
07/20/1812:14 PM D-2Citizens to Chelsey R Robinson for Judge of 2nd06/30/18$0.00$0.00$44.35$0.00$3,500.00
07/20/1811:58 AM A-1Friends of Omar Aquino$4,500.00
07/20/1811:51 AM A-1Friends of Ram$2,221.75
07/20/1811:48 AM LetterCommittee to Elect Cindy Cunningham
07/20/1811:42 AM D-1Committee to Elect Richie Meile
07/20/1811:42 AM A-1Brady for Senate Inc$1,000.00
07/20/1811:24 AM A-1Friends of Max Solomon, Inc$1,000.00
07/20/1811:19 AM A-1Friends of Steve Webb$1,842.22
07/20/1811:13 AM A-1Cass County Democratic Central Cmte$7,029.33
07/20/1811:10 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Wabash County Democratic Central Committee
07/20/1811:07 AM A-1Friends of Nancy Zettler$1,553.27
07/20/1811:05 AM A-1Friends of Bridget Fitzgerald$2,961.11
07/20/1811:05 AM A-1Friends of Gordy Hulten$1,000.00
07/20/1811:04 AM D-2Clay for Circuit Clerk06/30/18$0.00$96.00$4,677.17$0.00$0.00
07/20/1811:01 AM A-1Citizens for David Simpson$5,000.00
07/20/1810:59 AM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$22,000.00
07/20/1810:57 AM A-1Friends of Raymond A Lopez$1,500.00
07/20/1810:52 AM D-2JUSTPAC, the Political Action Committee of the IL Civil06/30/18$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
07/20/1810:48 AM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$490,987.33
07/20/1810:45 AM D-2Special Education Administrators' PAC (SEAPAC)06/30/18$0.00$4,550.00$17,832.17$0.00$0.00
07/20/1810:41 AM A-1DeKalb County Democrats Central Committee$13,500.33
07/20/1810:40 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$3,090.00
07/20/1810:21 AM D-2 (Amendment)Friends of Sam Yingling06/30/18$36,000.00$30,630.67$129,392.24$0.00$0.00
07/20/1810:07 AM A-1Gregg Johnson for State Senate$9,000.00
07/20/189:58 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Ford County Democrats Central Cmte
07/20/189:51 AM A-1Colin for Chicago$3,000.00
07/20/189:28 AM A-1Citizens For Erika Harold$6,000.00
07/20/189:25 AM D-2Friends of Dominic Elijah Watson06/30/18$0.00$0.00$1,470.00$0.00$0.00
07/20/189:16 AM A-1Citizens for Tom Morrison$4,000.00
07/20/189:14 AM A-1Citizens for Mazzochi$4,000.00
07/20/188:34 AM A-1 (filed on paper)Richland County Democratic Central Committee
07/20/188:19 AM D-1The Progressive Elective Collective
07/20/188:18 AM A-1Suffredin for Cook County$2,500.00
07/19/1810:29 PM A-1Citizens for Christopher J Clark$1,000.00
07/19/189:33 PM A-1Kinzler for Illinois$4,850.00
07/19/187:48 PM A-1Friends for Redpath$5,500.00
07/19/187:32 PM A-1Friends of Kurt Kojzarek$1,000.00
07/19/186:53 PM A-1Coalition for Better Government$1,000.00
07/19/186:36 PM A-1Julie Morrison for State Senate$3,500.00
07/19/186:33 PM A-1David McSweeney for State Representative$3,500.00
07/19/186:10 PM A-1Citizens for Mariyana Spyropoulos$13,400.00
07/19/185:56 PM A-1Friends of Rick Faccin$5,000.00
07/19/185:49 PM A-1Friends of Doris Turner$3,000.00
07/19/185:17 PM A-1Friends of Jeff Keicher$3,731.00
07/19/185:11 PM A-1McLean County Democratic Central Comm$22,545.75
07/19/185:02 PM A-1Committee to Elect Tyler R Edmonds$5,000.00