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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
11/18/196:02 AM A-1Citizens for Maggie Trevor
11/18/193:44 AM A-1Friends of Aaron Ortiz
11/18/193:41 AM D-2 (Amendment)IL - HY PAC03/31/19$327.00$610.00$5,216.88$0.00$0.00
11/17/1910:49 PM A-1Friends for Harris
11/17/1910:00 PM A-1The New 37th Ward Democratic Org
11/17/196:53 PM A-1Pat O'Brien for State's Attorney
11/17/195:23 PM A-1Friends of Diane Marie Pezanoski
11/17/194:07 PM A-1Citizens for William Mayer
11/17/191:15 PM A-1Committee for Margaret McBride
11/17/194:53 AM D-2 (Amendment)Pike County Democratic Central Comm09/30/19$3,367.00$2,738.00$7,303.64$0.00$0.00
11/17/194:26 AM A-1Friends of Dave Koehler
11/17/193:34 AM D-2 (Amendment)Illinois Construction Industry PAC09/30/19$43,850.00$17,570.00$44,798.43$0.00$0.00
11/16/1910:26 PM A-1Friends for Owens J Shelby
11/16/1910:05 PM A-1Elect Corinne Pierog
11/16/198:29 PM A-1Citizens To Elect Judge Elizabeth Flood
11/16/194:31 PM A-18th Ward Regular Democratic Org
11/16/194:31 PM A-1Mary for Illinois
11/16/194:26 PM A-1David McSweeney for State Representative
11/16/194:10 PM A-1Citizens for Lofchie
11/16/193:51 PM A-1Friends of Nicholas Sposato
11/16/192:59 PM A-1Friends of Denyse Wang Stoneback
11/16/195:53 AM A-1Friends of Curtis Tarver ll
11/16/195:29 AM D-2 (Amendment)Montgomery County Democratic Central Cmte09/30/19$6,537.60$5,589.44$5,260.81$0.00$0.00
11/16/194:10 AM A-1Friends for Gary Seyring
11/16/192:58 AM A-1Friends of Bill Conway
11/16/191:35 AM A-1Citizens for Hyman
11/16/1912:46 AM A-1More For State's Attorney
11/16/1912:39 AM A-1Citizens for Brian W Stewart
11/16/1912:33 AM A-1Friends of Paul O'Grady
11/16/1912:09 AM A-1More For State's Attorney
11/16/1912:08 AM A-1Friends of David A Welter
11/15/1910:59 PM A-1Citizens For Dan Patlak
11/15/1910:55 PM A-1Rashid For Cook
11/15/1910:50 PM A-1Friends of Kim DuBuclet
11/15/1910:42 PM A-1Tillman for Rep
11/15/1910:07 PM A-1Friends of Arlene Jezierny
11/15/1910:07 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Vernard L Alsberry Jr
11/15/198:56 PM A-1Sarah Bury for Water Reclamation
11/15/198:50 PM A-1Richard D Felice for Circuit Court Judge
11/15/198:43 PM A-1Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC
11/15/198:21 PM A-1Political Action Committee of Local 265
11/15/198:09 PM A-1Friends of Justice Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse
11/15/197:30 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Linda Perez
11/15/197:18 PM A-1Citizens for Gregory Harris
11/15/197:05 PM D-1Community For Dee
11/15/196:51 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Jacob Meister
11/15/196:49 PM A-1Glasgow for Will County
11/15/196:39 PM A-1Team Stava Murray
11/15/196:35 PM D-2Voters for Hilmes01/01/70$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
11/15/196:31 PM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Syamala Krishnamsetty
11/15/196:30 PM A-1Chicago Journeymen Plumbers' LU 130
11/15/196:25 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
11/15/196:18 PM A-1Citizens For Dan Patlak
11/15/196:14 PM A-1Nowinski for Judge
11/15/196:14 PM A-1Friends of Joe Cook
11/15/196:02 PM D-1 (Amendment)Citizens for Susan Garrett
11/15/196:00 PM D-1 (Amendment)United With Nidia Carranza
11/15/195:44 PM A-1Friends of Mike Halpin
11/15/195:41 PM A-1Daniel Didech Campaign Committee
11/15/195:27 PM A-1Friends of Dave Vella
11/15/195:18 PM A-1United Home Owners/Good Gov't Party
11/15/194:55 PM A-1Citizens for Donald E Puchalski
11/15/194:34 PM A-1American Federation of Teachers Local 604 COPE
11/15/194:09 PM D-1Citizens to Elect Linda Perez
11/15/192:25 PM A-1Citizens for Durkin
11/15/196:58 AM A-1Friends of Fran Hurley
11/15/196:43 AM A-1Friends of Bill Cunningham
11/15/194:16 AM A-1Friends of Theresa Mah
11/15/193:07 AM A-1Spence for State's Attorney
11/15/192:51 AM A-1Friends of Jamie Getchius
11/15/192:25 AM A-1Friends of Sonya Marie Harper
11/15/192:25 AM A-1Illinois Hotel & Motel Pac (IHMPAC)
11/15/192:15 AM A-1Citizens for Antonio Tony Munoz
11/15/192:13 AM A-1Elect Judge Mike Gerber
11/15/1912:55 AM A-1Committee to Elect Justice Cobbs
11/15/1912:53 AM A-1Citizens for John Noak
11/15/1912:51 AM A-1Gun Violence Prevention PAC
11/15/1912:30 AM A-1Friends of Paul O'Grady
11/14/1910:32 PM D-1Friends of Nidia Carranza
11/14/1910:17 PM A-1Citizens for Ficarello
11/14/1910:14 PM A-1Friends For Kalish
11/14/1910:05 PM D-1 (Amendment)Chicago City Council Latino Caucus
11/14/199:59 PM A-1Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC
11/14/199:47 PM LetterFriends for Fritz
11/14/199:44 PM LetterCitizens to Elect Judge Monique O'Toole
11/14/199:43 PM LetterCitizens to Elect Judge Ann Celine Walsh
11/14/199:37 PM LetterCommittee to Elect Jonathan Clark Green Inc
11/14/199:25 PM A-1Foutris for Judge
11/14/198:57 PM A-1Robin for Leadership
11/14/198:55 PM A-1Committee to Support John Cullerton for State Central Committeeman
11/14/198:53 PM A-1Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate
11/14/198:52 PM A-1House Republican Organization
11/14/198:49 PM A-1Senate Democratic Victory Fund
11/14/198:35 PM D-1Friends of Kevin Olickal
11/14/198:32 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
11/14/198:28 PM A-1Democratic Party of Illinois
11/14/198:21 PM A-1Friends for Arthur Turner II
11/14/197:35 PM A-1Worth Township Democratic Organization
11/14/197:31 PM A-1Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC
11/14/197:23 PM A-1Get Illinois Right PAC