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DateTimeFilingCommitteeA-1 AmountD-2 Qtr EndD-2 RaisedD-2 SpentD-2 CoHD-2 InvD-2 DebtS
09/25/2011:31 PM A-1Citizens for McCullagh$1,000.00
09/25/209:19 PM A-1Friends of Margaret Peggy O'Connell$1,500.00
09/25/208:39 PM A-1Friends of Margaret Peggy O'Connell$1,000.00
09/25/208:22 PM A-1Friends of Maura Hirschauer$36,800.00
09/25/208:03 PM A-1Friends of Jeff Muehlfelder$8,850.00
09/25/208:00 PM A-1Anderson for Illinois$4,000.00
09/25/207:55 PM A-1Friends of Janet Yang Rohr$2,378.30
09/25/207:46 PM A-1Citizens for Michelle Darbro$1,500.00
09/25/206:58 PM A-1Democratic Majority$314,500.00
09/25/206:50 PM A-1Friends of Dave Koehler$2,565.00
09/25/206:42 PM A-1Friends of Dave Koehler$26,479.17
09/25/206:32 PM A-1Friends of Dave Koehler$39,500.00
09/25/206:23 PM A-1Friends of Jennifer Banek$1,250.00
09/25/205:56 PM A-1YDI PAC$1,000.00
09/25/205:39 PM A-1Illinois Republican Party$17,248.77
09/25/205:21 PM A-1Committee to Elect Meg Loughran Cappel$5,000.00
09/25/205:17 PM A-1Yes to a Financially Responsible Illinois$9,765.00
09/25/205:14 PM B-1Citizens for Judicial Fairness$110,128.80
09/25/205:06 PM A-1Community For Dee$2,500.00
09/25/205:02 PM A-1Coalition To Stop The Proposed Tax Hike Amendment$10,000.00
09/25/204:26 PM A-1Pat O'Brien for State's Attorney$1,000.00
09/25/204:24 PM A-1Friends of Jason Barickman$4,000.00
09/25/204:16 PM A-1REALTORS? Political Action Committee$1,000.00
09/25/204:09 PM A-1Riverside Township Democrats$9,000.00
09/25/204:06 PM A-1Richard D Felice for Circuit Court Judge$2,000.00
09/25/203:59 PM A-1Citizens for Judicial Fairness$200,000.00
09/25/203:54 PM A-1Citizens for John Noak$2,000.00
09/25/203:54 PM A-1Illinois Health Care Assn PAC$1,059.20
09/25/203:27 PM A-1Illinois Laborers' Legislative Committee$48,890.20
09/25/203:19 PM A-1Friends of Anthony Beckman$1,430.00
09/25/202:55 PM A-1Committee to Elect Meg Loughran Cappel$2,057.50
09/25/202:36 PM A-1Friends of Jeff Muehlfelder$2,500.00
09/25/202:21 PM B-1Northern Cook Republican Organization$6,720.00
09/25/201:57 PM D-2Polish American Congress PAC01/01/70$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
09/25/201:44 PM D-1Citizens for Judicial Fairness
09/25/201:40 PM A-1Sangamon County Republican Central Comm$2,000.00
09/25/201:26 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Frank R DiFranco$96,445.90
09/25/201:17 PM D-1Stephen for the Future
09/25/201:06 PM A-1Henry County Democrats
09/25/201:02 PM A-1Friends of Robyn Gabel$6,000.00
09/25/2012:51 PM A-1Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois$3,057.00
09/25/2012:47 PM A-1Illinois Republican Party$458,500.00
09/25/2012:43 PM A-1Friends of Bob Morgan$1,000.00
09/25/2012:31 PM A-1Friends of Daniel Biss$6,000.00
09/25/2012:22 PM A-1Citizens To Elect Jim Zay$10,000.00
09/25/2012:01 PM A-1Coyne for DuPage$2,500.00
09/25/2012:00 PM A-1Pat O'Brien for State's Attorney$5,500.00
09/25/2011:53 AM LetterAlexander J Ruggieri lll
09/25/2011:52 AM D-1 (Amendment)Friends of Daniel Biss
09/25/2011:49 AM D-2Citizens for Carlson09/25/20$0.00$907.30$0.00$0.00$0.00
09/25/2011:25 AM D-1 (Amendment)Democratic Women of the South Suburbs
09/25/2011:15 AM D-1 (Amendment)DeKalb County Farm Bureau Political Committee
09/25/2011:15 AM A-112th Ward Democrats$2,500.00
09/25/2011:09 AM B-1Elect Abby Dinn
09/25/2011:01 AM A-1Democrats of Northfield Township$1,000.00
09/25/2010:55 AM A-1Personal PAC Inc$16,120.00
09/25/2010:52 AM A-1Illinois State Medical Society PAC$8,000.00
09/25/2010:45 AM A-1Latino Leadership Council$3,500.00
09/25/2010:41 AM A-1Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC$1,000,000.00
09/25/2010:40 AM A-1Illinois American Water Co PAC (IL-Am PAC)$5,800.00
09/25/2010:10 AM A-1Senator Patrick Joyce Election Committee$49,026.55
09/25/209:55 AM A-1Bennett for Senate$3,500.00
09/25/209:51 AM A-1NO Progressive Tax-Illinois Farm Bureau$540,000.00
09/25/209:47 AM A-1Citizens for Dan Wright$1,000.00
09/25/209:29 AM A-1Friends of Diane Pappas$80,821.15
09/25/209:01 AM A-1Illinois REALTORS Fund$443,296.00
09/25/209:01 AM A-1Friends of Frank Zuccarelli$8,000.00
09/25/208:48 AM D-2Friends of Kypuros09/25/20$0.00$106.41$0.00$0.00$0.00
09/25/208:47 AM A-1Elect Dan McConchie$2,000.00
09/25/208:47 AM A-1Friends of Tom Bennett$1,000.00
09/25/208:37 AM A-1Committee to Elect Terri Bryant$3,500.00
09/25/208:22 AM A-1Friends of Tom Bennett$5,500.00
09/25/208:19 AM A-1Citizens to Elect John Connor$6,500.00
09/25/208:14 AM A-1Good Government Council (IL Asphalt Pavement Assoc)$2,500.00
09/25/208:01 AM A-1Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership Training Academy$1,500.00
09/25/208:00 AM A-1Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership Training Academy$1,500.00
09/25/206:26 AM A-1Daiber for Chairman$5,000.00
09/24/2010:09 PM A-1People for Brian Sager$38,500.00
09/24/2010:04 PM A-1Bailey for Illinois$4,060.00
09/24/2010:04 PM A-1Bloomingdale Township Republican Central Cmte$1,000.00
09/24/2010:01 PM A-1Friends of Roderick T Sawyer$2,500.00
09/24/209:23 PM A-1Friends of Michael J Madigan$80,215.00
09/24/209:22 PM A-1Friends for State Rep Anthony DeLuca$17,000.00
09/24/208:39 PM A-1Friends of Jehan Gordon$2,500.00
09/24/208:34 PM A-1Citizens for Fred Crespo$1,000.00
09/24/208:25 PM A-1Maher For Judge$2,250.00
09/24/208:16 PM A-1Illinois Democratic County Chairs' Assn$30,200.00
09/24/208:15 PM A-1Bloomingdale Township Republican Central Cmte$4,220.00
09/24/208:12 PM A-1Citizens For Suzanne Ness$22,426.80
09/24/208:09 PM A-1Citizens for Robert Larsen$8,552.79
09/24/208:07 PM A-1Friends of Michael J Madigan$474,000.00
09/24/207:45 PM A-1Friends of Martha Paschke$48,653.65
09/24/207:19 PM A-1Citizens to Elect Judge Ann Celine Walsh$1,000.00
09/24/206:49 PM A-1Iris for the 20th District$15,100.00
09/24/206:42 PM A-1Friends of Chase Wilhelm$2,000.00
09/24/206:11 PM A-1Citizens for John M Cabello$4,000.00
09/24/205:36 PM A-1DeWitt County Democratic Central Comm$5,500.00
09/24/205:04 PM A-1Friends for Linda Pedersen$1,000.00
09/24/204:50 PM A-1Wallace for Illinois$1,000.00
09/24/204:47 PM A-1Clean Energy Illinois - Barry Matchett, Treasurer$10,000.00