2014 IL-TREASURER Live Results

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You can see the vote totals aggregated Statewide, by Media Market and by Region (both traditional collars and expanded collars, click here for an explanation). Vote share is just the percentage of the total vote each segment makes up.

Because of the amount of data that needs to be displayed here this page is best viewed on a screen at least 1200 pixels wide.

Any numbers in red are just projections. Those numbers are projected based on the vote that has come in so far. The projections perform very poorly when very little of the vote is in and get better as the number of precincts reporting improves. For a more comprehensive explanation click here.

For most modern browsers data should automatically refresh every 60 seconds.

Statewide Totals

   Actual:  Projected:

* The "Uncounted Vote" uses the projected totals described here. This calculation simply shows the aggregate projected totals in each of the 102 counties minus the actual vote already counted in each of those counties.

** The "Break Even" is a projection that calculates the percentage of the remaining vote the candidate would have to earn to finish in a tie. Anything above that rate should produce a win. Assumption: this calculation is complicated with more than two candidates, the simplifying assumption used here is that the Libertarian candidate will get the same percentage of the uncounted vote as the already counted vote.

*** "Projection Variance" is a measure of how well the projections are tracking with expected final results by vote share. It measures the sums of the absolute values of the difference between the projected vote share and the historical vote share. Smaller is better, the true vote share variance compared to historical vote share once all the votes are counted is typically under 3.00.

Data by Region - Traditional Collars

 Candidate Performance by Region - (TC)  Projected Candidate Performance by Region (TC)  Historical (scroll to see more)
 Vote Share by Region - (TC)  Projected Vote Share by Region (TC)  Historical (scroll to see more)

Data by Region - Expanded Collars

 Candidate Performance by Region - Expanded Collars  Projected Candidate Performance by Region (EC)  Historical (scroll to see more)
 Vote Share by Region - Expanded Collars  Projected Vote Share by Region (EC)  Historical (scroll to see more)

Data by Media Market (Map)

 Candidate Performance by Media Market  Projected Candidate Performance by MM  Historical (scroll to see more)
 Vote Share by Media Market  Projected Vote Share by MM  Historical (scroll to see more)

Total Statewide Vote

 Total Statewide Vote  Historical (scroll to see more)

County Totals

 Actual County Totals  Projected County Totals

Raw Totals by Election Authority

 Actual County Totals
* Anything in blue is not yet confirmed as final, anything in black is assumed to be final pending the canvassing and certification.